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Campaigning: A waste of exchequer?

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A right-wing individual.

Indian general election will be conducted next year i.e., 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. Every Indian is anticipating the afore-mentioned event. A vociferous feud will engulf the whole nation especially in the arena of politics prior to it. The saffron party will compete with Gandhi-Nehruvian party along with a tapestry of shifting alliances to wear the political crown. In today’s scenario, the saffron one is unparalleled and unmatched when compared to its weaker competitor including Congress and other regional parties to form the government. Moreover, they don’t have a public figure to present as a Prime Minister.

Now let’s consider the functioning and budget of elections in India. In the intellectual parlance, it is often said that a huge amount of money is wasted on election necessities. The armed forces, EVMs, election officials and the paperwork involved costs much; however, this is the price we pay for democracy.

Now focus on the biggest game-changer or waste of exchequer for some, called campaigning. Campaigning is always done on private money and this amount is always grand in digits. Indian left inclined intellectuals consider this as a waste of money. This fact cannot be ignored; however, we need to understand that this is a strong tenet of democracy. The world’s biggest and populated democracy has every right to do it and it cannot be termed as a waste of money in any sense.

The denizens need to know everything before casting their votes like the party they can count upon and whom to discard. It enables the electorate to judge and decide wisely whom to bring to power. They analyse the achievements and demerits of political party apiece. This mechanism works as a check and balance for the wide option available in the hands of the electorate. Campaigning also helps the national subject to make informed decision making. In addition, it generates temporary employment which acts like succour to impecunious one.

Considering the geographical and political dimension of our country, it can be bluntly stated in black and white that we need campaigning at any cost.

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A right-wing individual.
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