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BSP, the ring master or walking stick of congress in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh?

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The recent victory of the party of the dynasts (Congress) in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh has been overhyped by various media houses, some calling it a strategy or Chanakya tantra or political acumen of the dynasty that has paved the victory of Congress in these states, while some calling it a clear sign of rejection of Modi, etc.

It’s somewhat true that BJP could not retain power and that the Congress has improved its performance.  But the question is whether the victory of Congress in these two states is worth this lavish appreciation or it needs to be interpreted as people are still with Modi and even if they decide to go against BJP, people want to choose ‘none’ than to choose Congress.  More than the victory of Congress we must read the election results to be as stern lesson or warning to BJP.

Highly localized issues and lackadaisical attitudes of several MLA’s and Ministers in these states has defeated BJP and its mission to develop India and achieve ‘Sab ka Vikas’.

The anger people expressed against some of the local leaders of BJP however justifiable it may be, but it has defeated BJP. Several wise people have chosen the option ‘Nota’ than Congress, which is a wonderful sign that people are not so foolish but are very cautious as well.

Both in Rajasthan and MP, people have not given even simple majority to the dynasts which show that people want BSP and SP to act like the ringmaster of the Congress so that Congress is always at the mercy of BSP and SP.  It means even in the marginal victory in these two states, the dynast was made to feel weak and vulnerable.

If there was an anti-incumbency wave, the result would have been different and people would have completely rejected BJP.  But people have neither rejected BJP nor have accepted the Congress.

The local effect also tells another explicit story about the mood of the nation.  At the national level, people still prefer Modi and they do not have any other politicians reliable or worthy enough to rule India like Modi.

The poll outcome is not against BJP or Modiji but against some local leaders in the respective states.  Certainly, the state BJP must introspect and take the necessary corrective actions. The defeat has given lots of scope to BJP for correction, but the victory has not given any hope or scope for the dynasts to introspect or improve as people never want Congress to be independent. It must stand and walk only with a third limb or a walking stick.

The question here is how long will the BSP and SP act like the walking stick for the Congress and allow Congress to enjoy the power. We must watch patiently.

Manthira in Ramayan can also claim victory for sending Lord Ram to the forest for 15 years.  But the story of Ramayana is all about Lord Ram and not about Manthira.  Similarly, Ravana also can claim victory when he abducted Sita to Lanka with the wicked ploy of Subahu and Maricha. But all evil forces were destroyed by Lord Ram. The victory of adharama and aneedhi will not last long. People of India will soon realize that India will be safe only if Modiji continue as the Prime Minister of India in 2019 and beyond.

Our Hindu mythology shows that even God had suffered setbacks and tribulation. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama had endured several odds despite being an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Modi is working on structural reform of India and not on populist schemes and freebies. Modiji is working for the total and complete development of India. Hope people of India will recognise the incredible feats of Modiji and hope dharma and wisdom will prevail and triumphant.

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