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Basics of Hindutva for election Hindus

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka

Hindutva is a comprehensive, multi- disciplinary, universal, rich cultured, ancient, tolerant, secular, multiple scripture, diverse, neither rigid nor flexible, unsupressed, immortal, perpetual and vast religion. As quoted by apex court i.e, Supreme Court of India, ‘Hindutva is the way of life’.
Hindutva has got a chain of inspiring personalities like Lava-Kusha, Dhruva, Nachiket, Shwetaketu, Upamanyu, Prahlad, Swamiji (Vivekananda), Shivaji, Netaji and the chain is perpetuating and it is longer like tail of Lord Hanuman. Patriotism is in every cell of Hindus.

The culture of Hindutva is very sacred, where there is due respect to women as there’s a shloka “Yatra Naaryastu Poojyante Ramante Tatra Devata” means where women are worshiped, God resides. There’s a chain of inspiration for the women also Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Taara, Mandodari and there’s another shloka ,“Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Taara, Mandodari Tatha Pancha Kanya Smare Nityam Maha Pataka Nashanam” which means if we revise names of these five women all negative energies will be kept out.

In Hindutva there’s an analogy of “Raastra Devo Bhava, Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Atithi Devo Bhava, Guru Devo Bhava”, means in Hindutva we treat our Nation, Mother, Father, Guests and Teacher as God.

In Hindutva we say, “Vaidyo Narayano Harihi” which means we visualize Doctor who saves our lives like God. Hindutva also has due respect to Soldier and Farmer.

Hindus worship Mother Earth and Pancha Bhootas (Fire, Water, Sky, Soil, Air) which sustain living creatures.Hindus take education as holy thing which is worshiped as Goddess Saraswati, Money is also treated sacred and worshiped as Goddess Lakshmi.

Hinduism propagates gratefulness as we worship cow as Kamadhenu which gives us nutritious milk and there’s a faith that thirty three koti of Gods reside in her. We worship Coconut tree as Kalpataru as every part of it is useful.

Ayurveda and Yoga are outcomes of Hindutva itself Dhanvantari,God of medicine is worshiped in Ayurveda and Yoga was founded by Sage Patanjali.

Hinduism is criticized the most for idol worship, but I would like to give example for that, can we accept plain paper as currency notes?. No, we want paper with the authentication and signature of governor of RBI to accept it as currency notes in the similar way we want an idol, authenticated symbol or a holy rock instilled with life which we call “Prathishte”.

Hinduism is based on four Vedas Rig Veda,Yajur Veda,Sama Veda,Atharvana Veda. The main Hindu scriptures are Sruti and Smruti again classified into Veda, Upanishads,Puranas, Bhagvad Gita,Holy Epics(Ramayan, Mahabharata) and Hindutva is more than a religion. Moreover Hindutva is not a narrow Dharma as it is not confined to a single holy scripture.

Hindutva has it’s own calendar in which can be called ‘Panchanga’ in which years are referred to as ‘Samvatsara’ , Months are termed ‘Masa’ ,Days are termed “Tithi”. There are 6 seasons in Hindutva called ‘Rutu’.

Hindutva is aimed at attaining four Purusharthas i.e, Dharma,Artha,Kama,Moksha can be meant as Righteousness, Livelihood,Desires and Liberation respectively. According to the Hindu life cycle there are 4 stages i.e, Brahmacharya,Gruhasta,Vanaprastha and Sanyasa.

One who harmonises Raja Yoga (concentration), Bhakti Yoga(worship to God), Karma Yoga (obligation to do one’s work) and Jnana Yoga (Knowledgeable) can be called true Hindu. Every ritual and practice in Hindutva has a synthesis of Science and Faith it may be Yajna, Tilak, stories, worship to plants & trees, idol etc.

Hindutva has survived despite attacks by many brutal Invaders like Ghazni, Ghori, Aurangzeb, Khilji, Babar, British, Portuguese, Dutch, French etc who vandalized temples and tried to weaken it by various means, this shows the strength of the Hindutva and also tolerance!

World has witnessed fall of Babylonian, Syrian, Persian, Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures cum civilizations but Hindutva is still retained it’s essence despite it’s ancient history! Modern Hindutva is given a revolutionary approach by Swami Vivekananda and Rationalistic cum Humanistic approach by S.Radhakrishnan.

Hindutva is a mammoth subject and to understand it in totality several rebirths and concentrated penance is required but it’s astonishing to know that some election Hindus are behaving as Wise Hindus.

Some people have coined terms like Hindu Pakistan,Hindu Terrorism etc but at same time when terrorists come from Pakistan they say There’s no religion for Terrorism isn’t this double standards.Those who understands subject matter of Hindutva won’t link Hinduism with Terrorism.

It’s only part of appeasement but the irony is that after gambling with feelings of Hindus,now same politicians are roaming as Election Hindus. Ashok Singhal, former president of the VHP had said ,”Eight hundred years after it (power in Delhi) went away from Prithviraj Chauhan, it did not come back into the hands of a proud Hindu. It has happened after 800 years”, comparing Narendra Modi’s rise to power with the rule of Prithviraj Chauhan, considered to be the last independent Hindu ruler in the sub-continent. But it’s astonishing to hear president of the INC asking what sort of Hindu Modi is.

Recently one week government holiday was given in West Bengal for ‘Durga Puja’! Temple Run by those who claimed Lord Rama does not exist is still prevailing. These are all nothing but election gimmicks. The remedy for fake Hindu campaigners is 2019 general elections. Hindus won’t get trapped in theirs labyrinths it’s what they should keep in memory.

Nobody can try to make Hindutva a political tool since they can neither appease it nor gamble with Hindus’ feelings,if they think so it’s nothing but Castles in the Air.

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka
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