Friday, April 19, 2024


Mamta Bannerjee

Game on for runners up in 2024

If there was one strand that conjoined the fates of Modi and Yogi, it was the brickbats that the so-called liberal/ secular brigade had to throw them.

Editor-In-Chief of Opindia, Nupur Sharma – leaves Bengal

Nupur Sharma and her family were in West Bengal - due to the security at stake Nupur Sharma took to Twitter and announced that she wasn't going to stay in Bengal anymore due to the fascism being done by the TMC.

Ever-changing politics changes politicians

It is a bizarre action as it sets even witty politicians at a distance from the ever-changing political condition. Power does not always stay in one hand.

Basics of Hindutva for election Hindus

Nobody can try to make Hindutva a political tool since they can neither appease it nor gamble with Hindus’ feelings,if they think so it's nothing but Castles in the Air.

Why Kapil Sibal’s definition of Hinduism is flawed

Mr. Sibal needs to understand that “Asli Hindus” aren’t willing to be drugged any further by anti-India left-liberal-media factions.

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