Ever-changing politics changes politicians

There are no limits of accusations which one politician nails against another politician in this hour of ongoing electioneering. War of words appears to be an easy and practical way for the politicians of every national political party to down its image before the electorates. The real issues directly linked with the common man reduce to nothing in such a persisting situation.

Entire excited high-conversation around the development seems redundant for them as they forget the need of decency during their respective speeches and openly indulge in criticizing challengers in the elections. None looks sincere all through the din of electioneering. Though the election commission has succeeded in stopping the bellowing of the loudspeakers, it has not wholly acted upon restricting the avoidable sharp piercing tongue-talk.

That was why we have lately experienced how certain politicians were told to stay away from speaking the palpable derogatory remarks for long hours in punishment. But the clever politicians do not feel ashamed of their bad rhetoric. Their loyal backers take their leaders as going along with the line of politics. Bengal’s Chief Minister and TMC leader Mamta Bannerjee drew a parallel between her campaign against the BJP and the Quit India Movement of 1942. The pre-independence movement was launched against the British rulers undoubtedly; she said adding that now we are fighting to oust a fascist Modi from power.

Simply both the leaders belong to a diverse political party but show dissimilar stand for each other. One runs the State while another commands reins of power at the Centre. As we are well aware of the fact that elections do bring political power and such sort of influence can shift the balance of the power sometimes. It is a bizarre action as it sets even witty politicians at a distance from the ever-changing political condition. Power does not always stay in one hand.

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