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Yogi’s moves are good but more is needed

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

In a democracy pleasing the dedicated core-voters becomes an imperative for the elected leaders. The U.P. CM Yogi Adityanath is doing what all he could before the 2019 Parliamentary elections to boost the morale of his loyal voters. Since the Supreme Court declared that the Ayodhya-temple issue is not on its top priority-case to deal with, the disillusioned cadres are elevated by the moves which are within the capacity of the Chief Minister in any case, i.e. naming of Faizabad District into Ayodhya and building of a huge statue for Lord Ram as signpost for Ayodhya. Of course, illuminating Ayodhya in a grand scale on Diwali was possible because of Yogi of the BJP or otherwise no other secular-CM of U.P would have done.

The Centre also tried its best in getting the judgement out soon. However, the new Chief Justice of India made a new twist to the case. The Hon’ble Supreme Court’s hurried judgement on Sabarimala raised eye-brows of many, the procrastination on Ram Temple narrowed their brows in anguish. The prolongation on Ayodhya temple issue that is hanging on the head of the Centre like a sword of Damocles doesn’t augur well for the people country and for the party at the Centre. Without any clearance on Ram Mandir, the Centre cannot breathe easy.

The BJP, though came on development agenda on 2014, the party’s committed voters for the past 25-years have been stuck to the temple issue desiring for a clearance as their fave- party is in power. They didn’t mind whether the party kept it in back or front burners. Their worry is palpable. Development is an enticement for the floating first-time voters. For the core, it’s a bonus apart from the temple. The government at the Centre has a limited say right now unless the Apex-Court settles it. The general elections of 2019 are approaching with a tremendous speed. The BJP at the Centre is between the devil and the deep sea. It can neither expedite the Court nor able to convince time-honored commitment.

If the party, BJP wins 2019 elections with full majority as it had happened in 2014, a sigh relief for the age-old committed voters. If it falls short of majority, a coalition government with all secular parties would never allow it to happens. In the worst case scenario of the party not coming to power, it can never again raise the issue, for, the people are likely to come to the conclusion that after having power in full-time in majority for 5-years, if they are unable to achieve their objective how could they ever do? The stated propositions are all surmised because the Court judgements are always dicey. The whole point is, the Party BJP should not create a trust-defecit among its trusted voters.

All told on the temple-issue, the present moves by the UP CM are a kind of balm to the bruised feelings of Hindus. The CM’s changing of names of Allahabad to Prayagraj and Faizabad to Ayodhya may seem ridiculous to secularists. However, if we go by etymology, most of these names belong to the Moghul-period ones. For instance in Telangana state, it’s capital-Hyderabad, is a combination of Hyder+abad. In Urdu abadi means population. Hyder comes from Hyder Ali. Similarly, another district Nizamabad= Nizam +abad, another district Adilabad= Adil+abad, another Karimnagar =Karim+ nagar. In the same way, Aurangabad, Ahmadabad, now renamed one Allahabad = Allah+abad i.e. Prayagraj.

The list is unending. Throughout India there are many such names. Since the Muslims have become part and parcel of India, none objects and none goes into roots or details. Changing few names of cities that are dear to Hindus in Uttar Pradesh is desirable by the elected Hindu populace to have a connect with their moorings i.e. with their past history and pride of their place. Extension of the same logic for many places may raise questions. So, therefore, Yogi Adityanath by his bold decisions, has sent a positive signal/message to his core as to where his heart lies.

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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