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Home Opinions Snowflake activists who fly back instead of continuing the fight for (selective) 'gender equality'

Snowflake activists who fly back instead of continuing the fight for (selective) ‘gender equality’

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Vishwamitra defied the Gods themselves to jump up the caste barrier. Indra tried every trick up his sleeve, including physical might. Finally Indra himself gave up and appeared before him to declare him Brahmarishi.

If you persevere, you can move mountains. Even Gods will come down and accept your wishes.

Our faith is open minded even to such blasphemy. A women entering Sabarimala temple is no big deal… BUT with the right intent! No society accepts new ideas faster than ours, but only after being rigorously tested.

Recently, a celebrity activist vowed to visit Sabarimala, so she landed at Kochi airport and tried to hail a cab to the temple. She faced a minor setback, no cabbies accepted the ride and in fact they offered her a return ticket. Now if she were determined, she could have taken up the journey on foot, bringing to life Rabindranath Tagore’s poetic “Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe Ekla cholo re.” That would have earned her my respect, regarding her determination and commitment to her own beliefs. If she is devoted to Lord Aiyappa, or at least she really believes that she is doing the right thing in spite of opposition, then she should have not let this come in her way. Although unprofessional, but the cabbie is somehow within his/her right to deny access to their cab. But no one has the right to stop her from taking a walk. But no, she decided to fly back.

This is essentially the problem with these VIP activists and their political/media cheerleaders. There is no commitment and perseverance, what you get is just loud statements and tokenism.

In your quest to change the society, I wish you well, but you need to earn respect and there is no legal shortcut to that.

For that, you have to move mountains, or at least get to it.

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