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Prayagraj not Allahabad is inevitable for the development of India– Know how

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The name change proposal of Allahabad to Prayagraj by the Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is much needed for the renaissance of New India where the sacred culture and glory of Hinduism once thrived and it is the responsibility of every citizen of India to preserve and promote the same for new generation. The next level of development of India should be on moral, spiritual, ethical and social values and therefore our agenda of development should not be limited to the materialistic aspect alone. India was and is a Hindu Rashtra where the essence and sacred cultural practices of Hinduism is being followed for several thousands of years by all Indians. The presence of Hindu culture is quite obvious in every religion in India as Hinduism is so sacred and all inclusive.

Allahabad is the epicentre of Hinduism where three rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meets and it called Triveni Sangam. Hindus always worship river, sun, moon, wind god, fire god, cow, birds, snake, trees, plants and every aspect of nature. Triveni sangam is therefore a holy place of utmost importance to Hindus. In 16th century Allahabad fort was built by Mughul Emperor Akbar with sandstone of Ashoka pillar, the underground Patalpuri temple and sacred banyan tree. In fact the Allahabad was the spiritual identity of Hindus which was defaced and re-structured by Akbar. Therefore re-naming Allahabad as Praygraj is an important milestone in the mission of New India.

The dynastic rulers of Mughal Emperors in the great past and the dynastic rulers under democracy since independence have destroyed the ethos of sacred Hindu culture, reduced the great culture of Hinduism as mere religion and positioned other minority communities as different from the followers of Hindu culture, appeased Muslims for votes and destroyed the identity of India. The very umbilical cord of Hindu culture starts from Triveni Sangam.

The spiritual Gurus, Sadhus, Saints have contributed immensity to the development of India.  Several sages in the past have even fought for the country. It means the governance and politics was and is influenced and guided by spiritual essence and spiritual leaders. When the political leaders envisage vision for the country, the spiritual leaders set vision for people. Therefore the governance and administration have to go hand in hand with divine faith and essence.

Only the spiritual education makes man, human, humane and different from other animals. The present generation is if not linked with our ancient tradition they may grow economically but need to be morally, ethically and socially.

Every country has its own endemic-ity or identity or uniqueness. Imperial rulers tried their best to destroy the cultural identity of India but could not because the imperial rulers remained as foreigner. The political dynasty in the recent years has confused our country’s sacred culture with imported leadership from the country of Benito Mussolini.

Time has come India must trace back its sacred culture that has been bulldozed by the imported leadership in Indian politics. Prayagraj is ‘Tilak’ to our sacred culture and therefore every Indian who follows the sacred Hindu culture will be proud over the proposal. It is highly desired that the event of name change of Allahabad to Praygraj must be celebrated nationally and the sacredness of Triveni sangam must be popularized across India to make every Indian proud and happy.

Certainly Yogi Adithyanath is on right mission, i.e., development of India and Sab ka vikas as envisaged by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under PM Modi, India shall develop totally and completely whereas under the dynast, only his dynasty will develop and Indians shall remain poor and pauper.

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