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Fight between inbreeding politics of dynasty versus development

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Time is up for India to question the dynasty politics that is going to destroy democracy in India with the culture of inbreeding politics. Indian politics is being hijacked by the political dynasty where the power is gifted to one family.

Imagine if people know who is going to be the next prince and who is going to succeed him and who is next etc., naturally the people of such political party shall swarm around the dynasty and will naturally salute even the great grandson of the dynast even if the great grandson is just 1 year old because the great grandson also become the prince one day. Therefore those politicians in the payroll of the dynast would start saluting even the great grandson competitively to reaffirm the culture of sycophancy to continue in the payroll.

Today what is happening in Indian politics is exactly the same. The dynast is praised so lavishly by those invertebrate people. In the party of the dynast we can find several fantastic sycophants of high caliber and it is essentially due to the inbreeding politics.

Mr. Sashi Taroor has outwitted all congress men. Mostly the sycophants and those in the payroll of the dynast are known to praise the prince, his son, grandson and even great grandson to be in the corridor of power. But Shashi Taroor has invoked and credited Nehru for Narendra Modi to have become the Prime Minister of India. The greed for power can make people so shameless and spineless is only heard in the textbook but recently we could see how true the above statement is. The question is why Sashi Taroor did not credit Motilal Nehru, the father of Nehru, and the grandfather of Nehru for Narendra Modi become Prime Minister of India beg an answer. If he credits them also then he can affirm his position in the dynasty and also can hope for revision of wage.

Even the pride of lion always mates only with a lion of other pride in order to prevent inbreeding. The question is why no one outside the family is allowed to become the king of the dynasty? The truth is quite obvious as the entire party and its wealth etc., are family property and the rest are mere sycophants and only by doing pooja and chanting the name of the dynast are running their life.

Should the Indians of present generation who aspire for new India, development and sab ka vikas as envisaged by the PM Narendra Modi can afford to make the country a breeding ground of dynastic-inbreeding culture and sycophants?

Narendra Modi has risen to the highest position from the humble beginning of selling tea through hard work and merit. What he has earned for himself is honesty, integrity, straightforwardness, commitment for India. On the contrary the dynast has inherited the dynasty as natural inheritance.

People might argue that the dynast also contest election and get elected by people under democracy so why to question about dynasty. The difference between dynasty and democracy is that the dynast can take any decision which will not be questioned because all the sycophants are the servants of the dynast whereas in democracy the situation is different. PM Modi has come through the process of democracy both in BJP and as Prime Minister of India. But the story of the dynast is not the same. Therefore people of India must realize the truth that their vote in 2019 is going to change the fate and destiny of entire India.

The fate and destiny of India can be destroyed by electing the dynast and the culture of inbreeding or India can be made to economic superpower by electing a decisive, honest, tireless leader – Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.

The destiny of India is in the hands of every Indian but definitely not with the political symbol of the dynastic party – the hand.

Indian need newness, freshness and not inbreeding, culture of prince and sycophants. Sycophants are essentially servants and therefore they do not have the right and legitimacy to question the dynast. Therefore what the dynast decides is the fate of the nation.

But in BJP democracy and not dynasty prevails and therefore every decision is taken after due consultation, threadbare analysis and approval by all. Hope India will have the fortune to have Narendra Modi again as Prime Minister of India to develop the country and achieve sab ka vikas.

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