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Why Ram Temple in Ayodhya is important

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Human beings across the world have evolved with certain belief and faith based practices and social conditioning which is transferred from one generation to another. In course of time, most of such belief and faith systems were getting modified, improved or followed rarely or discarded totally. Certainly for health and happy existence of humanity all such belief and faith systems are needed otherwise man may prey upon another man without any sympathy and empathy. We collectively call all such practices as culture, civilization, tradition etc.

If we ask any individual in our society who is educated or illiterate, young or old, imbecile or prodigy would admit that they fear the God – the supernatural/unknown power the most or law of the land. Law is visible, defined, made by man and the judgment is awarded purely based on undeniable evidence. Therefore some may even feel that circumventing law if possible to commit a crime and can escape punishment. Ironically even such cleaver criminals also would admits the existence of divine force or the invisible force and the force that maintains the order of the universe which they cannot blind or can escape.

It means, human faith and belief systems are deeply programmed by our society over several generations and cannot be easily washed off or removed like dirt or worn out garment.

Hinduism is very sacred culture and has influenced most religions in the world. Every Indian irrespective of their religious affinity knowingly and or unknowingly follows some aspects of Hinduism because Hinduism is not just a religious practice but it is an all pervasive value system for the welfare of humanity and universal brotherhood.   In that sense all Indians are Hindus in some respect although they may practice other religions.

In the matter of faith, human sentiments, value systems that have been in existence for centuries, our legal system must handle such issues with care and the wisdom employed for dealing such issues should come mostly from outside legal dictum.  In all other litigations, the merit of the law can be easily judged based on the evidence or the rationale but in the matter of faith, it is not the rationale or evidence, faith alone can set things to rest.

The call of Mohan Bhagavat for an ordinance by the government to build Ram temple in Ayodhya, the birth place of Ram may look odd to the pseudo secularists but today the issue is a simple land dispute therefore an ordinance may fulfil the dream of New India.

For the devotees of Lord Ram only Ram and his or her devotion alone matters and nothing else.

India being a majority Hindu populated country, which is being distorted by several political parties by dividing religions through minority appeasement, the ultimate reason for the unity in diversity in India is possible only due to the fact that India is a Hindu Rastra.

Hindus are tolerant, accommodative and compassionate and that is why all other religions are also given equal respect and right which is not true in most of the Islamic countries. Several European countries and even US also when believes in secularism are fundamentally Christian countries.

Lord Ram is the symbol of love, compassion, justice, dharma and cradle of virtues and values. Building temple for Ram at his birth place is therefore needed equally for the minority communities as well.

Government is desired to explore the ordinance option to solve the long pending desire, dream & devotion and pray of millions of Indians and of which, many are not even Hindus.

RSS chief has made a right suggestion and has shown right direction to India to solve the issue. Tradition, human faith, value system, cultural heritage etc., cannot be re-defined or sanctified by law of the land or with intelligence as law can be applied only to the issues that are obvious and the dispute can be judged based on merit and evidence.  Such an attempt would be like measuring the affection and love of parents towards their children.

Ram temple is the cultural identity of our country. India was, is and shall be practicing Hinduism in some respect, irrespective of the multi-religious society. Therefore Ram temple must be built sooner than later.

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