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When Rahul Gandhi “was” my role model!

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The year was 2010, February to be precise, when Rahul Gandhi had announced his Mumbai visit amidst strong threat protests from MNS and Shiv Sena. I don’t know if you remember 2009 end was a tough time for north Indian immigrants in Mumbai as they were forced to leave Mumbai by MNS. Although it was a Congress-NCP ruled state back then and being a north Indian myself, I was hurt and upset to see BJP and Shiv Sena weren’t supporting the north Indian immigrants.

One day I heard Rahul Gandhi’s speech where he took on MNS and Shiv Sena by reminding them the contribution of North Indians in the 28/11 attacks. He also traveled in the Local train, bought his own ticket. His persona and the way he used to talk, as much as I hate to admit, was impressive. That image of a 40 year old someone, in a White Kurta with glasses was captivating. He was also the winner of the Youth Icon of the year award.

I was 25 at that time, at the cusp of becoming a politics enthusiast. Coming from a generation of strong BJP supporting family, I started drifting away from the party and was at a crossroads. I looked up to him as someone who can drive the country forward, by taking people like me with him. I also registered on their website!

God knows, or may be Sonia Ji, as to what happened to him after that. I had literally fought with my BJP supporting friends for him and Congress. It was disheartening to see the beginning of his downfall, which began 2012 onwards, to the day when his political fate was sealed during a talk show with Arnab. May be it was too much pressure, too many advises (good/bad), to many advisors or whatever. Ultimately it is his fault, no matter whosoever may be responsible. He had 10 years to involve himself in the government, learn governance, could have been a minister but he didn’t do any of it.

Today, I believe in our PM Narendra Modi because he did what Rahul Gandhi couldn’t. He learnt from his experience, remember the situation during his political career beginning was far worse than Rahul Gandhi’s comfortable environment at 10 Janpath.

Narendra Modi became CM in the worst of circumstances, survived a decade long political with-hunt. He faced it all, made some bold decisions and gave hope to the Gujaratis and now to every Indian.

Fast forward almost 9 years, my role model has changed and I am proud of him!

Jai Hind!

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