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Some simple yet very much effective mind boggling achievements of the Modi Government

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“Lok Sabha Election” is not very far. After a few months, Indian will choose their Prime Minister again. Till now The Modi Government has already completed 4 years 3 months. But, the most debated things is “What changes have been made by the Modi Government?” Many things have been done, many projects are accomplished, many facilities and privileges have been provided under numerous Yojnas. However, question still remains unanswered, what has Modi government done?

The main thing is that the Modi Government has given more importance to the poor, small businessman, farmers and the Indian Army than the rich people of India. The rich people who live in AC rooms, in big cities and ride on own four wheeler and have never experienced the life of villages or backward places or even worse, the bordering villages. How can they see the signs of progress of those Indians? How can they Judge they are progressing or not?

There are many great of Yojanas created by Modi Government like, “Avas Yojana To Ayushman Bharat, Make in India to Digital India” which have helped lots of people in India. It is nearly impossible to state all such beneficial Yojnas initiated and specially crafted for the poor by this government in one single go.

Here is a list briefly which highlights the sparkling initiatives taken by Modi Government. Those who hate and blame Narendra Modi should surely take a look.

  1. Before 2014, people who earned between 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh had to pay 10% income tax, But now they have to pay only 5% income tax.
  2. Before 2014 in restaurant there was VAT between 14-28 %, but now one tax, GST only 5%.
  3. People had to pay 10.95% interest for car loan, but now people are paying 8.9%.
  4. Personal  loan rates were anything around 14%, which has now lowered down to 9.95%.
  5. Before 2014 common people had to give Rs/-80 for Life Insurence Premium, but now Indian have to pay only Rs/- 27.50 .
  6. Before 2014 3G mobile data costed Rs. 269 per GB, which is now only Rs. 19 per GB.
  7. In the UPA times Indians paid 17 taxes directly or Indirectly, but now Indias pay only 1 tax which is GST.
  8. In UPA times sanitation coverage was only 38.70% but now that is 92%.
  9. On that time tax benifits for Senior Citizens  for health insurance deduction was Rs. 15,000, which now is Rs. 50,000.
  10. In the Congress times the pregnant women could take rest for only 12 weeks, but now that has been increased to 28 weeks.
  11. Before 2014 the price of Drug Eluting Stents was 1.98 lakh but now that is 28 thousand.
  12. Before 2014 the price of Metal Cardiac stents was 75 thousand but now that is 8 thousand.
  13. In congress era the number of villages without Electricity was 18,452 but in Modi era That number is O.
  14. In Congress Era the speed of national highway construction was 12 KM per day, but now that is  27 KM per day.
  15. In Congress Era the number of Common Service Centres were 83 thousand but now that is 2.7 lakh.
  16. Four years ago the number of Gram Panchayat connected through Optical Fibre Connectivity was 59, but now that is more than 1.19 lakh.
  17. The cost of 9w LED light bulbs was Rs. 310, but now that is only Rs. 70.

Reference – India Rag

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