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Real challenge of Congress is its cult leader- Why the mirror congress party refuses to see

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Days of cult leaders in Indian politics is over. For the sycophants and members on the pay list of the cult leader, the cult leader may appeal and look godly but not the people of India.

Nehru, then Indira Gandhi and then Rajiv Gandhi, all of them shined in Indian politics because in those days the cult leaders were believed, followed and respected. None of those cult leaders were questioned but their orders and instructions were followed by the followers just like how sheep follow the shepherd. The party that has been surviving all through these days under the shadow of cult leadership is therefore bound to promote only the same culture as they know only cult leadership style.

Merit based, democratic process based leadership selection is alien to congress. Today the problem faced by the congress party is exactly the same. The old order is not working to their favour as Indians have changed. However smartly the congress party try to oversell their cult leader that is not going to work because the cult leader lack merit, presence of mind, leadership quality and intelligence.

Narendra Modi has not just transformed India alone but the life of millions of poor people through various path breaking schemes.

If the congress wants to somehow sell their cult leader in Indian politics, they must be willing to pay huge price otherwise they cannot succeed. In MP and Rajasthan congress alleges that BSP made an unreasonable demand which congress could not fulfill and that is why they could not form an alliance. If we look at it from the common parlance, the demand of BSP was not unreasonable. Today the cult leader needs regional parties and not the other way. For the promotion of a meritless as somewhat meaningful, huge expense needs to be incurred by congress and that is what the BSP has demanded.

When BSP align with congress, it is advantage congress and not BSP therefore congress must agree to such unreasonable demand. The unreasonable demand has come from the regional parties not because congress is just weak, but it is led by a cult leader who lack merit, credibility and leadership quality and that is how Indians see the cult leader.

The challenge of congress is not Narendra Modi but the real challenge of congress is its cult leader.

When a pride of lion decided to take the guide-ship a mouse, naturally the world would see the pride of lion only as nest of mice.

It may be true for the members of the congress that only the cult leader from the dynasty alone can glue them up but India is not congress party.  India is a land of sacred culture and tradition of Hinduism.  Hinduism always believes in merit. Narendra Modi is a leader of unparalleled leadership quality. If congress is not willing to see within and simply engage in attacking and criticizing Modi, the true crusader of development and sab ka vikas, the messiah of peace and harmony, missionary of sacred Hindu culture and tradition, congress cannot survive in Indian politics.

The cult leader must develop maturity and common sense to respect Prime Minister and must participate in the mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to develop India and sab ka vikas. Indians cannot easily forgive or forget those meritless who attack and abuse the cradle of wisdom, mission, integrity and virtues – PM Modi.

Regional parties are making unreasonable demand to the congress because the party has gone crazy by choosing a cult leader to lead the party. Ever since the cult leader is crowned as prince, the party has started to lose its credibility and relevance. If the party restrain the cult leader from uttering lies and nonsense and use him as just a figure head leader, the party can improve its electoral prospects. Unfortunately the party has contracted and surrendered its brain, ears and eyes totally to the dynast – the cult leader and therefore the party is unlikely to do anything differently.

The regional parties must realize the absolute truth that it is the harvest time for them so they must maximize their profit by placing any amount of unreasonable demands to the congress for an electoral alliance. Congress has to agree otherwise congress would suffer the worst and not the regional parties. If this opportunity is missed, no regional party can ever grow. Only when the regional parties shrink the base of congress, they can grow and become relevant so the opposition parties must collectively exploit the congress instead of attacking and abusing Narendra Modi.

More they abuse Modi, more they earn the wrath of people and similarly the regional parties eat more the share of congress, grow better.

It is not the BJP congress party should be the target of the regional parties if they really wants to remain relevant in Indian politics. The regional parties must oppose and demand great price form congress if the regional parties wants to grow.

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