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Misusing #MeToo

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A victim of sexual harassment when corned by the predator feels trapped. The logical way out of the situation seems to comply with the predator to avoid any repercussions. And after the incident has taken place the victim is utterly ashamed of their helplessness and thinks its better to keep quiet and not attract attention to self’s weakness and vulnerability.

The men seem to have a natural biological and historical privilege that has put them in the position of power. But it has been teachings of this nation and culture that power should be used to protect the weak, help the helpless and guard the defenseless. They pay for this privilege by being the first causality at war, chosen and reared for dangerous jobs, last one expected to be evacuated in times disaster, of losing their children in a divorce battle, one expected to carry the burden if there is death in the family and no one questions that. That is the definition of good and examples too. And rightly so for men who are to misuse their powers, there are special provisions and laws made for women and kids who are the victims of their actions.

This is a fight between good and evil, people who want to protect and people who want to abuse but its very disturbing to see it being turned it Women VS Men. It is not supposed to be.

Yes Men are victims of sexual assault but by percentage women who are victims of sexual assault outnumber it. It is a fact and you don’t need even a brain to understand that, you just need to observe. That’s why there are laws especially protecting women.

Sexual assault is shameful and difficult to talk about, you can ask even the men who are subjected to it, that’s one reason why people choose to be anonymous about it.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It destroys the self-esteem and self-confidence of the victims if they are preyed upon at a very tender age it becomes very difficult to come out it. It is difficult to talk about it because of the attention it brings about them. Most people find it better to bury it deep their past.

People who say throw away all allegations because few women lie are also wrong and their argument ends up supporting evil. It is very rare that people come and talk about it exposing their identity. It brings unwanted attention and questions and light that good and honest people generally don’t want to be seen in.

That’s also one reasons why 85% of all rape cases filed against men are false. I am not summoning this number out of thin air you can go look it up. This statistic has taken a sudden jump in 2017 after Nirbhaya case, in 2014. The rate of false rape cases were 53%. Men find it easier to commit suicide rather than face their day in court.
Watch the video below:

The percentage of married men committing suicide is twice that of females. This paints a picture which is rather comforting for the feminists, that women can also be evil. Watch this video below. If you heart does not bleed you have ceased to be a human. I dare you.

In 2017 more than 4000 rape cases in Jaipur turned out be false, Evil psychopathic women use the powers given to them by law to extort money for innocent and weak men, to get revenge at them.

That is the reason why people who support “Believe All Women” are not standing up for good against evil but Women against Men.

Only truly evil people oppose that sexual assault is not a heinous crime. But also truly evil people would believe its alright if innocent people suffer under one of the harshest penal law of India as long as the majority gets served right.

We learned from Nibhaya case, we should not take time to learn from “Rothak Bravehearts Case“. Its so sad that we can’t find a single news article which states about how grossly guilty they were of misusing law, destroying innocent boy’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and whole life by their media tricks. They walk free.

Maneka Gandhi has started fast-track courts calling judges out of retirement to help the people who have come out and taken names. I think everyone should support polygraph and narco test. We want the truth and good to win. People who abuse their powers must suffer the consequence. People should not give in to only to the pathos of “Believe all women” and sacrifice their logic. It is tempting, it will get you into good books of mainstream media driven crowd but that creates propaganda.

Innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of law if sacrificed because the testimony is coming from women is highly sexist (that too when the evidence of women lying about it is overwhelming), Saying that women are inherently more believable than men is sexist and yet have the section 498a Dowry Law where a mere complaint from a woman can a put a man, his whole family including his elder parents, even kids associated with that family who may not even be older than FIVE years of age in jail. IN JAIL. kids of five years and even less. Feminist can say a lot and get away with it but one thing they can not say is that Indian law is a misogynist.

Include men who have come out during this #MeToo segment and talked about how their aunts and maamis have sexually exploited them and hold females accountable too. Subject these men to narco tests and polygraph. The fight is against evil and not one gender. No need to follow marching orders of America. It’s time for the feminists to walk the talk about equality and show they are not only about avenging under some twisted idea of justice. Pay attention to what is happening in Kerala too. This the cure part I talked about. Which is always gruesome and can never be pretty and agreeable.

Lets talk about prevention.

We assign the blame and burden to the men who rape and rightly so. Every adult should be held responsible for their actions. But when are we going to start blaming their parents for raising such monsters? Should the parents not shoulder responsibility for raising a respectable and moral child? When are we going to start blaming the culture?

In a metropolitan scenario where sex is a commodity which a person is provided with an inexhaustible surplus, it is detached from any sort of values and standards. In the name of freedom we have started renting our bodies to our internal demons and urges, as children we have learned that not all urges we have inside ourselves are right and we need to learn to control them and direct them in proper manner. Then why not this? Should we not teach our kids that our body is a temple? Shouldn’t the person we share it with must embody some ideal or aspect of God? Or if not God then at least the highest value attainable?

People have stopped holding themselves accountable to any higher ideals than whoever they are at the moment and whatever that is in of five feet reach from their hands. They do not take pains to instill any value in themselves and they do not wish to scrutinize themselves. They are like Cain who is jealous of the ideals Abel. Even though they are aware of their miserable existence they choose to find faults in society. Getting high on freedom of every sort day in and day out, fed on a steady dose of ‘be yourself’ and be nothing else. They are not looking for love, they are looking for people who will let them be. However, they are, whoever they are. Monsters in gutters.

Liberals will be waiting like rabid dogs to share this image coming Diwali.

There’s one thing I want everyone to tell them. Rape and assault are heinous crimes, against ANY human being. There are special privileges in Indian Law to especially protect women. There’re even non-bailable offenses without any questioning. You won’t get it by being a philander, drunk and chain smoker, who does not pay proper attention to her kids because she wants to go clubbing and celebrate women equality and freedom.

We Indian will die for our Goddesses and their dignity and not tolerate any bruises. (The Indian law believes in this idea of Goddess and the dignity of Indian Women that’s why we’re one of the harshest laws in the whole world to protect women–India has the lowest number of rapes by percentage, the number seems huge just because of the sheer size of population– but many evil women have been misusing them).

Bollywood industry is based on sexual favors. Just ask the spot boys and crew who work on the sets they will tell you how after a hot steamy scene in front of the camera the actor and actress sneak for a quickie wherever they can find room. The Bollywood is reaping the fruits it had sown.

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