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Clash of testaments of scams and nepotism of dynast versus testaments of development

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All those holy cows in various government establishments are rekindling the democracy and democratic principles like ‘devil citing scriptures from Bible’ mainly because the fumes and flames of anti-corruption mission initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has at least reached their door. Similarly when the inertness of all these government establishments were questioned and the officials were asked for performance and result, naturally all those who were taking sunbath and winter sleep over several decades are bound to rattle and react violently.

The regime of the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is highly reform centric and warrant change, transformation and new way of thinking and doing from people working in various government establishments. Naturally such interventions although necessary for our country but no government official would easily welcome such initiative because it disturbs their sleep. Today what we see is nothing but a well-orchestrated, pre-meditated attack against the mission of PM Narendra Modi towards corruption and non-performance.

When the Finance Minister asked about the role of RBI in NPA and bad loans by the banks, naturally such question is bound to rattle the officials as they were never questioned by the previous government and instead the previous government might have advised them to go slow against all defaulters as they were all important members of the fan club of the dynast.

But unlike the previous government of the dynast which was known for scams and nepotism, the government headed by Narendra Modi is very demanding government, forthright, wants people in the government establishments to be answerable, accountable and responsible to people.

Narendra Modi wants total and complete reform and not some cosmetic change in the name of reform. PM Modi has urged people to bring changes in the mind first so that rest of the changes are possible.

All restless and disgruntled elements in government establishments and politics are so obnoxious over such reform and wary of corruption free India have started to gang up, organize and work against the country by expressing their anger against anti-corruption mission through a cleaver and well-crafted script that their autonomy and independence is under jeopardy, democracy is disappearing etc.

If people are made accountable and answerable for the country and performance is demanded, according to the neo liberals such an attempt is like curtaining their freedom. If the government officials are left scot free, allowed to rein nepotism, corruption and lack of accountability and sensitivity, then all these officials would say India’s democracy is flourishing.

Millions of Indians want interventional democracy, the democracy where the officials while enjoy freedom and independence also must be made accountable, responsible and answerable if the latter is not possible then such democracy people of India does not want and instead want their Prime Minister to act as authoritarian or benevolent autocrat.

In the past, the dynast was converting every government department in India as his fan club and kitchen cabinet but here-on the government officials cannot dream such days because the PM is in the helm of affairs and instead they must work for the money that they receive or must worth the salt.

India is passing thorough a revolution. The testaments of dynast created for the promotion of Nehru–Gandhi family is challenged by the testaments of development and Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas initiated by the PM Modi. Indian politics is moving from ‘Hero worship’ to merit and performance worship where Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall be brute and merciless towards corruption and nepotism. People of India must recognise the ground truth that most of the institutions and government officials are crying wolf because they are started to fear the hunter and trap.

2019 election is like second freedom struggle of India and only difference is that India is seeking freedom from corruption, dynastic culture and nepotism. BJP has the will to achieve freedom of India from corruption because the Prime Minister and his office is persistently working against all such divisive and draconian forces. Indians should defeat the dynastic forces and must work for merit based governance of PM Modi. It is India that would benefit richly if Narendra Modi led BJP come back to power in 2019.

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