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Modi Government's anti-corruption move

Good governance and honesty is magnet that bound to attract everyone, know why many are joining BJP

Modi has turned Indian politics into true narrative of performance, truth, transparency, accountability, fulfillment of aspirations of millions, understanding and addressing the needs of poor people, making India a great land etc.

Can we unbiasedly evaluate this four and half years’ Modi rule?

These are some of those achievements of Narendra Modi government that are non-controversial and even opposition can't deny them.

Middle class: Shravan Kumar of Indian economy

Middle class is like the Shravan Kumar of Indian economy who holds the burden of both rich and poor, and Modi govt has acknowledge it by giving them maximum rewards.

Clash of testaments of scams and nepotism of dynast versus testaments of development

Indian politics is moving from ‘Hero worship’ to merit and performance worship where Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall be brute and merciless towards corruption and nepotism.

Visual, hearing, tactile, olfactory and scam hallucination of Rahul Gandhi needs immediate medical attention

Rahul Gandhi seems to be suffering from a series of mind related problems these days so whatever he sees or hears or touches or smells, he finds nothing but scam. 

Why the Nirav Modi- Mehul Choksi affair can turn out to be a proverbial noose around the neck of the Modi Sarkar

The Govt has unmasked yet another scamsters, but it needs to go tough on the.

Demonetization: A bone or a bane?

The move is successful in various aspect but saying it was complete successful is not true: Read why.

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