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Visual, hearing, tactile, olfactory and scam hallucination of Rahul Gandhi needs immediate medical attention

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Rahul Gandhi seems to be suffering from a series of mind related problems these days so whatever he sees or hears or touches or smells, he finds nothing but scam.  May be due to his mind problem, he scream, cry, shout and rant about scam.

It is like those who drown in water would cry water, water. It appears the dynast is drowning under various allegations of scams of his own and that of UPA 1 and 2 and save him from drowning he is ranting scam and alleging the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The recent utterance being the IL &FC (Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Group) issue. IL&FC is facing financial tight spot so Government is exploring whether the financial problems of IL&FC can be solved through LIC. The intention of the government is good and certainly the Prime Minister will look into all aspects before execution.

The medical world is familiar with several medical problems such as visual hallucinations where people would complain of seeing something which really doesn’t exist, hearing hallucination where people would complain about hearing things that aren’t there. People also sometime experience tactile hallucinations– like feeling the mobile phone vibrate in the pocket when there’s no phone call. Similarly people do sometime suffer from olfactory hallucination which is otherwise called as Phantosmia (phantom smell) or phantom odour which is nothing but one smells an odour that is not actually there.

Similar to visual hallucination or hearing hallucination or tactile hallucination or phantom odour, today the dynast is suffering from a hallucination called ‘scam hallucination’ therefore the dynast is making unnecessary noise pollution over scam where there is no scam.

Congress was chased out by Indians in 2014 mainly due to the allegations of several scams and the allegations of scams of UPA 1 and 2 has disfigured Indian economy and defamed the credibility of country like how Tsunami destroy everything on its way.

Like the Hamlet who feared, doubted and believed ghost and in his soliloquy he uttered about the ghost, the dynast also utters scams may be because the ghosts of all the scams of the self and that of UPA 1 and 2 are hunting the dynast when he sleep, when he awake and at rest.

Because of the fear of the scams and its consequences, the dynast in all likelihood may be thinking nothing except scams and hence he utters scams, scams at everything and now he has surfaced again with another such allegation over IL&FC.

The complex mind problem of the dynast must be immediately attended otherwise the present problem can grow to an incurable proportion. He is given the oar of the dilapidated ship called the congress party which was anchored on the shores of scams by several of its leaders. Unfortunately the dynast himself is facing the charge of loot in National Herald and is on bail.

Scams are hunting the dynast every day and he is in a precarious condition. To get some attention he is crying scam but no one is going to take the dynast seriously because everyone know the imbecile behaviour and lies of the dynast.

When Narendra Modi talks about development and Sab ka vikas, the dynast talks about scams, when PM Modi talks about New India, the dynast attempts to fill India with confusion and lies by joining hands with those divisive forces.

In the fight between intelligence versus imbecile, we the Indians must ensure the victory of Narendra Modi led BJP in 2019 and beyond, to develop India and ensure sab ka vikas.

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