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Regional parties for Congress Mukt Bharat

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Mayavati of BSP is serving best lessons to the immature, ignorant, self-defeating dynast and his arrogant congress party. Mayavati is very ambitious and wants to expand her party base beyond UP. Initially she formed an alliance with JDS in Karnataka and now preparing to form an alliance with the regional parties in MP, Rajasthan, Chatishgargh, Haryana etc., without Congress. She wants to oppose BJP but never wants to join hands with congress. Indeed it is a smart move. Her intention is clear that opposition alliance without congress in future. She is the only political leader who had sensed the importance of expanding the base of her regional party to make it a national party and such mission is possible only if she isolates the congress or must demand huge pound of flesh from the party for an alliance.

Today congress is the weakest political force in India. Regional parties can grow only by removing the political base of Congress party.  As on date, removing or uprooting congress not just from India but from tetra firma itself is quite easy. Only when Congress is made insignificant and irrelevant in all parts of India the regional parties can grow and can have sunbath.

BJP has already grown as a powerful national party. BJP has merged its identity with Indian culture, civilization, cult, heritage and finally to the philosophy of Hindu Rastra. Respecting the principles of secularism and unity and diversity, the ancient Indus valley civilization must be re-invented and rediscovered in order to build Hindu Rastra in New India where Muslims, Christians etc., shall remain with their faith system but simultaneously will be known to the world as followers of Indus valley civilization and belong to the larger culture – Hindu rastra.

Congress also has a strong lesson to learn from Mayavati. Congress if wants to re-launch itself as a national party and wants to resurrect must support the mission of the current BJP– the one India, one election, one tax. Instead of regional party building exercise, congress must support Narendra Modi in building the nation, the New India where development and Sab Ka viska shall be the only agenda.

Congress can grow only if they contest alone and not by joining with regional forces. Coming election congress may not win if it contests alone but it will remain a formidable force if it contest alone. Growth of the regional parties is not good news for congress. Already congress has been made to kneel and prostrate before the junior partner JDS in Karnataka.

By giving its space and fortune to regional parties, congress cannot grow instead it would only de-grow. Therefore instead of defeating someone who is serious enough with his duties, i.e., Narendra Modi, congress must work towards how it can resurrect and how it can stop the regional parties from coming to power. Even if congresses consciously allow BJP to win, still it would serve something for the congress than allowing the regional parties win and form government. Congress must work towards re-capturing its national identity as a national party and should not reduce itself as a fringe force and then would beg for survival at the mercy of regional parties.

Congress should re-focus the contest between Congress and BJP and not the amalgamation of several regional forces where congress will be yet another fringe force.

India has changed, Indians have changed, the political culture and discourse has changed and political of development and Sab Ka Vikas has taken over and the relevance of dynast is fading fast.

Therefore Congress fomenting the idea of third front government just to stop Modi in 2019 and allowing the third front to fall from within or due to the dirty politics of congress party will weaken the congress party further. People of new India will never forgive and forget if Congress again engages in such dirty politics at national level and dis-engage the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by PM Modi.

If the dynast can hold back his ambition of becoming Prime Minister of India for some more time, he can learn a lot about how to offer good governance without scams and corruption, how to focus on development and how to achieve sab ka vikas from PM Modi the dynast will have some future in Indian politics.

Due to some reason if the dynast later feels that his party is irrelevant and meaningless, he can always join BJP and can look for a respectable role.

Congress must keep India first and not destruction of India. Congress should fight for the victory of one nation and not the electoral victory of several regional parties to divide India due to their regional interest.

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