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Narendra Modi: More of an activist soul than a politician

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The news of alleged plot to kill PM Modi by a group of activists made me think why the hell social activists want to kill one of their own? And What does it mean?

Let me begin with few staggering stats like 5 crores free LPG to BPL families in 4 years, 32 crores bank accounts of the Poor, electrification of all remaining villages of India in 1000 days, ODF near completion are few achievements Modi govt boast about. And If it’s true, it’s not possible unless this rouge Indian administrative system is pushed hard by a commander with a mind of an activist. A politician at PM post can’t achieve this mind blowing success but only a PM with a mind of a committed activist can. And Modi proved to be an activist PM.

Activism attracts many brilliant minds and it always will.

I have seen many sharp minds in IIT Kanpur getting attracted to social cause and activism. Somewhere this charms them as a perfect way to bring the change in society and a good investment of their talent. Few dare to dedicate their all and others like me, despite joining corporate world and spending our evenings in pubs, try to keep this flame burning either by working with some NGO or at our personal level. That’s the magnetic attraction of activism.

Why it’s very important for a society:

It’s important for three big reasons:

  1. People who are left behind for any reasons do get a chance to catch up with time.
  2. It Keeps a strict check on Power of Indian State and bring more transparency in our system.
  3. It adds some purpose to our lives and a sense of satisfaction for sure.

While working with a group of socially aware people in college, I too did fight for compensation for injured workers and went to villages to talk to kids and people to know what can be done for them. Here are few observations of mine-

  1. Village and darkness (no electricity) had romantic relationship and they mostly used to spend nights together barring few hours. And this was perfectly ‘normal’.
  2. Fumes coming out from almost every home and cow-dung cakes can be seen everywhere. LPG cylinders must have been a dream only.
  3. Cycling to village from campus (though very close) was through dirt, muddy roads and of course through lot of Naalas proudly blowing its fragrance .
  4. Bad School building, less efficient teachers and no proper toilets are few other beautiful features of the school.
  5. We had worst health care for the Poor.

I always used to think activists need power to fix this problem but then why the hell people at power don’t work with a mind of activist? All appear for civil services and for election to change the world and then mostly money and status fix them instead of they fixing our problems. In India, becoming IAS, IITian, Minister is considered as an achievement and none cares what they do after becoming something. Position fetches respect and not the work here.

And then Modi came in 2014 and as usual, I had no big expectations from him except same political Bhashans and promises and day to day work of a PM. But to my surprise, He proved to be an activist. An activist holding the command of the system. Wow 🙂

And Why I say so? Check out the list below-

Activism in providing Basic facilities to all

Electricity- Providing Electricity to remaining villages at very high speed is good but I won’t say it’s revolutionary. But providing electricity for 24X7 to all is a revolutionary idea and hope this gets implemented asap.

LPG Connections- The very idea of taking away subsidies from middle class and giving it to BPL family is mother of all activism and what a brilliant execution of this.

5 crore free LPG connections distributed to women beneficiaries belonging to BPL category, 8 months ahead of targeted time.

Activism for Financial inclusion

Banks at the door of the Poor.

Mudra loans- Funding the unfunded

  1. 8.7 cr people got total of 3.6 lakh cr loan
  2. Out of above, 76% are women
  3. All loans are provided with the authentication on Aadhaar so above data doesn’t has any duplication.

Activism in Health sector

Clean India- WHO lauds India’s commitment to accelerated coverage of safe sanitation services which, assuming 100% coverage is achieved by October 2019, could avert up to 300,000 deaths due to diarrheal disease and protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) since the country launched the Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014. ODF is one such brilliantly executed programme under clean india.

Low cost medicines- Under PMBJP, cost of medicines have come down heavily.

Modi Care-  Covering 10 crores family ( 40% of population ) under an insurance of 5L per annum is a huge deal. If this becomes a realty, Raman Magsay should come back on earth and give Modi the magsey award himself.

There are more works to do than done for sure but having an activist PM who asks system to deliver before time and ask for accountability is something huge and a real huge. Believe me, activists fight with local system to get these things for the poor and it takes time, energy, network. This PM can deliver and is delivering in no time for us.

Then what’s the need to buy grenade to eliminate such an activist when the activists community can make him a biggest asset to bring a desired change in different sectors OR are we more interested in keeping alive our job of activism than addressing the need of the poor ?

Even if you are a political opponent, dig up these claims and expose govt on these works.

Sadly, now its fight between #activism and #grenadeActivism as few educated prominent activists allegedly buying grenade to change the system and that change includes killing of an activist PM too. I just wish this turns out to be a false charge because activism, be it at ground or at a PM level, is the most fascinating idea and truly make the under privileged life more worthy to live.

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