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Lie shall never become truth even if it is sold on hourly basis, dear dynast

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Human civilization has always evolved with several superstitious belief systems, suspicion, doubts, believing and doubting the lie, falsehood, occultism etc. The religious leaders and several spiritual masters also were successful in creating ‘perception of truth’ which is nothing but lie and the best example being –God.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda stated by Nazi Joseph Goebbels. But lie has never succeeded nor has ever become truth in real world. Therefore none of the attempts of the congress party or its president, the ‘great dynast’ is going to win. The dynast is on a mission to sell lie as truth with the hope that if he utters the same lie again and again, it would become true.

In Hindu mythology it is clearly stated that Hiranyakashipu was searching for Lord Vishnu everywhere to challenge. One day with great anger and revenge he asked his son to prove whether Lord Vishnu is present in one of the beams of his palace and finally the avatar of Vishnu- Narasimha came and killed the demon Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu sold the lie about Vishnu thinking that his kingdom and subjects would believe it but finally his own son did not buy his lie and the lie when turned truth, the truth had killed the liar- Hiranyakashipu.

Narada advised the hunter Valmiki just to chant ‘mara, mara several times, it turned to Rama and thus the hunter becomes the sacred poet and great scholar. Valmiki after realization of his past deeds and its implications and with the intent to attain divine abode chanted mara, mara, it becomes Rama. The born hunter cum dacoits in Indian politics when utters scam, scam over Rafale deal, such propaganda is not going to succeed as lie has never turned into truth.

Hiranyakashipu sold lie about Lord Vishnu and finally the same lie killed him similarly the dynast is selling lie about the honest Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and certainly his malicious propaganda is going to expose him and will remove him from Indian politics.

In none of the court of law lie has turned to truth. Every criminal would repeat his lie that he is innocent continuously but were never given pardon based on how many times and how empathically they have been selling the same lie.

Rafale deal is fair, much needed and it is aimed at the security of India. The price of fully loaded and ready to fight flights cannot be compared with the prices of just the flying machines ordered by the then congress government.

How the government can reveal the details of cost escalation as it would reveal all the details about various weaponries assembled in the flight and such revelations would go in favour of our enemy countries.

Playing politics at the cost of our countries security interest is dangerous. Congress is known for playing politics in everything without least shame or dignity.

But for Narendra Modi and his government, India comes first.

Congress and some opposition parties may believe lie to be true because they are the real manufacturing and marketing companies of lie in India. Indians are not their customers and that is why India has elected Modi as their PM in 2014. Ironically, all these fringe political forces lead mostly by their dynast leaders are back in the scene again with the same marketing strategy of selling lies to capture Indian voters. India has grown fast and so are Indian voters. No amount of lie of the dynast is going help the dynast to fulfill his ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India or can tarnish the honest image and character of the Prime Minister of the country.

Hiranyakashipu in Threta Yuga had failed to sell lie as truth so shall be the dynast who tries to sell lie about Rafale deal risking the internal security of India in the name of attacking Modi.

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