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Hinduism is like mother earth, has space for rat and snake, deer and lion, pathogen and host – Let us unite to build New India

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The call of RSS chief to Hindus in the world to unite and reinvent the sacred culture of Hinduism and its essence of tolerance, universal brotherhood, unity in diversity, “Satyameva Jayate” (सत्यमेव जयते), secularism and the philosophy of wellness and the paramedical recipes of AYUSH everyone who follow Hinduism must listen and follow.

India has been destroyed by a particular dynasty since independence for power and money. Hinduism was subjected to trauma and agony by most of those political forces, appeased the minority for votes and pushed the sacred cultural heritage of Hinduism to the brink of extinction.

Everyone born in India carries the gene of Hinduism irrespective of the fact whether they follow Hinduism or other religious practices because no one can be born in India without the gentle touch of Hindu sacredness.

It wont be an overstatement that Hinduism is the mother of all culture and human civilization. Hindusim is not a religion like Islam or Christianity where the mosque or church has the control over their society to spread the religion and engage in conversion program. In Hinduism, the people are just practicing various aspects of Hinduism but are not serious about protecting and safeguarding the essence of Hinduism for the posterity like Islam or Chritianity. The dynasty politicians in India catapults this reality to abuse Hinduism to galvanize the votes of minority through minority appeasement and simultaneously could retain their Hindu votebank as well.

The day many Hindus have started to realize this ploy of the dynasty party, the dynasty parties and its leaders have started to appear as Kapada Sanyasi with new surnames– Siva Bhakta, Vishnu Bhakta who wants to build a city in the name of Vishnu etc. Further they are also so vocal to state that they carry Brahimin DNA.

Everyone who follow the cultural practices and other essences of Hinduism has the responsibility and duty to protect, spread and safeguard the same for the future generation. It is essential because many other religions are engaged in conversion by destroying the cultural practices of other religions. Due to their ongoing engagement in converting people to their religion, the Hindus are pushed to an extraordinary situation to propogate and safeguard the essence of Hinduism which is essentially the universal brotherhood, secularism, tolerance and unity in diversity.

Only through Hindu unity, protection and promotion of the values of Hinduism is possible. Even the atoms must unite only then the matter would get a shape.

The biggest beauty of Hinduism is its diversity. Hinduism is like mother earth. The earth support diversity of flora and fauna, the earth has equal space for a rat and snake, has space for deer and lion, has space for pathogen and its host. The diversity of earth is incredible and so is the diversity of Hinduism.

Like how the mother earth needs to be protected from poachers and hungry beasts, Hinduism is also needs to be protected and promoted from religious encroachers. Therefore unity among all Hindus is essential and only through united efforts and committment the values of Hinduism can be promoted.

Hinduism is the only culture that exist as religious practice without being defined as a religion in the strict sense and without having any religious leader like that of Islam or Christianity where the voice of such religious leader is final.

Hindusim has faced the onslaught from Christian British rulers, Mughul emperors etc., but remained sacred and free from ruin. But today the problem faced by Hinduism is different and unique. Because all such froces have come from outside of India in the past so Hinduism could not be ruined.

Like how difficult is to treat all autoimmune diseases, the pseudo Hindus who are attempting to sabotage the values and sacredness of Hindusim from within our country which is difficult to deal unless Hindus recognize and isolate all those neo-Siva Bhaktas and those who want to build a city in the name of Vishnu.

Hindu unity is inevitable not to resist other religious forces but to safeguard Indian-ness, our sacred culture, tolerance, universal brotherhood and unity in diversity.

We should trust, believe and follow the committed leader and not those election time converts of Hindu’s to lead our country.

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