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This is what Pseudo secularists should know why we need temple for Lord Ram in Ayodhya

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Having a temple for Lord Ram at the birth place of Lord Ram i.e. Ayodhya should not be seen as a political agenda or aspiration of BJP alone, but millions and millions of Indians barring all castes and religions also wish a temple for Ram at the birth place of Lord Ram- Ayodhya.

Lord Ram should not be seen just as a Hindu god but he is the god of the universe, lord of the world and saviour of all. Lord Ram represents virtues, values, truth, honesty, obedience, commitment to duty, caste equality, gratitude, self –discipline and what not.

Ram waged war against the demon Ravan and fought fiercely and finally won the war and then rescued his wife Sita who was abducted by him. After enduring such big fight and winning it, one may wonder why Ram had asked Sita to test her chastity. He did so because he as a king values even the last man in his kingdom. When an ordinary subject of his kingdom raised doubt on the chastity of Sita, immediately Ram asked Sita to prove because the Dharma of the king is to respect everyone in his kingdom. The above act proves nothing but fairness of Ram and his respect for everyone. Building a temple for Ram at Ayodhya therefore is a must to uphold the values and ethos of our ancient tradition and cultural heritage. Every Indian, irrespective of their religion, caste or political affiliation has a lot to learn from Lord Ram. Lord Ram therefore must not be reduced as Hindu God.  Ram is a symbol of tolerance, forgiveness, blessing, universal brotherhood, love, peace, social justice, respect for all etc.


Therefore those feel they are the minority community in India and those who appease minority for vote bank politics should be the first to support Ram temple because Ram gave importance to the concern of even an ordinary citizen of his kingdom and asked his wife Sita to do fire test. Lord Ram was the first to prove he must be above suspicion.

Instead of Hindus and other majority communities wish to build Ram temple at Ayodhya, it should be the minority community that must demand the temple for Ram sooner than later.

By having Ram temple at Ayodhya we are not creating one more worship place but we are re-iterating the philosophy of India loudly that India is a tolerant country which was destroyed by Babar in the past but today every Indian take pride for Ram temple at Ayodhya.


Ram destroyed the demon Ravan, killed several Asuras, given salvation to Ahaliha, shown great respect and equality to Sabari who belong to tribal community, took help of Guha and reinstalled Sugriva and Vibhishana as king after destroying the evil forces.

In every destruction, Ram not just executed those evil forces but gave them Moksha or nirvana. Even to those evil forces, Ram showed grace and kindness and gave them Moksha at the end.

Lord Ram is the symbol of one India. Therefore all those fringe players who are appeasing minority and over shouting that India is a secular nation must come first to support temple for Lord Ram in Ayodhya. Ram was a true secular king who did not heed to caste divisions. Ram has shown the path for social justice through his actions. Ram never engaged in just punishment but his philosophy of punishment had given Moksha and nirvana.


Building Ram temple at Ayodhaya will be the greatest tribute we will be offering to our secular fabrics and tolerance. Tolerance should not be seen and demanded only from the majority community alone but every community must show tolerance to each other and must contribute to the cause of one India.

In fact Rama had connected even two countries through sea by building Ram-Sethu Bridge several thousand years ago.

Hope that all those pseudo-secularists and who shout about secularism for vote bank politics must understand the truth that if they are true to the cause of secularism, they should be the first to lift the stone for building Ram temple at the birth place of Ram- Ayodhya.

Let us facilitate the mission of New India by Modiji in 2019 with the blessings of Lord Ram at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

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