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The WhyErr EXCLUSIVE: Kerala floods created by Modi to ensure RSS move Keralites to ghettos

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Report by DuckFace.

The camp had young kids staring out from their hollow eyes. Women in burqa standing in queue for some food for their hungry kids. Men with cross dangling in their neck, toiling hard to get some share of Ethanol. Damp stench welcomed us as we stepped into the Malabarshcwitz camp.

“We were forcibly removed from our home by the water sent by Aryans. First, they invaded us, controlled us and now they have taken away our homes and has kept us here in this clumsy camps.”, said Ahmed, with tears garlanding his cheeks.

“Modi made sure that the rivers were formed to avenge us because we did not vote for BJP. Pinarayi Vijayan resisted rivers of Modi by holding the dam till the last minute. But the Brahmanical tide was too much to bear”, cried Mary Rose. “My home is gone. And now BJP wants to build homes for us. I am sure those homes will have anti-beef stove which will not cook beef and will have photos of anti-Christ at homes.”

RSS was quick enough to swing into action, as though it was a pre-planned pogrom. Modi sent clouds to Kerala, while it could have been sent to Gujarat or Rajasthan. Modi made it rain in the rivers while he could have made it rain in Thar desert or Sahara. But but, Sahara was Modi’s man, like Ambani and Adani, so Modi had sent rains to Kerala. Sending flood to Gujarat might have impacted Jay Shah’s business, which would have increased 160% otherwise. As soon as flood entered homes like how Amit Shah entered Kerala, RSS sent its Brown Shorts to fetch out Muslims and Christians from their homes. Choked by waters on all sides, the scared kids and limping elders were ushered into boats and packed off to concentration camps.

“BJP units have made sure that waters do not recede from homes. With Voter IDs missing, BJP will hack the EVM to win 2019 easily”, said Aneesh Menon, a political expert from Ernakulam.

While we left the camps, we were reminisced of the concentration camps run by Nazis in Germany under Hitler. Even there, many people did not appear at the camps after sometime. But here, the faces of the minorities stuck in those camps lingered forever in our eyes.

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