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IITB for Bharat vs. The Wire: A hilarious journey from silver screen dreams to newsroom chaos

Picture this: "The Saffron Saga: A Tale of Free Tickets and Unfounded Fear." It would be a blockbuster hit, filled with over-the-top twists and turns, where the power of a free movie ticket holds the world’s fate in its hands.

हिंडनबर्ग का अडानी प्रेम- किसका षड्यंत्र- किसको लाभ Part-2

इसके प्रथम भाग में हमने देखा की अडानी एक उद्भव कैसे हुआ और उनके विरुद्ध षड़यंत्र की शुरुआत कैसे हुई, आगे हम देखते हैं की ये हिंडेनबर्ग कैसे अडानी समूह से प्रेम करने लगा।

Left-wing watch: 10th October

The wire leaves no stone unturned to create any caste or religious rift in India!

दलाल धूर्त मीडिया और नासमझ लोग!

रियाज़ टेलर का बेटा था। टेलर का बेटा तो हमारे भी गांव में है। लेकिन वह तो आतंकी नहीं बना। उसकी भूख ने तो उसे हथियार उठाने के लिए मजबूर नहीं किया। वह क्यों पढ़लिखकर आईएएस बना।

The Wire’s Monobina Gupta is pondering over the idea of a new Bangladesh, this time within India

Monobina Gupta, Managing Editor of The Wire, has exclusively written a piece assessing the possibility of linguistic 'Bangla nationalism' the key driver leading to the creation of Bangladesh, as a counter to what she calls 'Hindi-Hindu nationalism'.

The curious case of misleading headlines & how to spare the propaganda

The media houses very-well know that readers these days hardly care to read the entire article, so they nicely take an advantage of it to propagate lies.

The Wire calls Nationalism as toxic and suspects Uri attack

Don'e expect any better journalism from them, the news house is from the gang who asked for the proof of surgical strike!

The Wire – Your article on ‘Uri’ Movie is SICK and it’s time for us to retaliate

We retaliated. And we're proud of our Army's nationalism and that's our nationalism too.

The WhyErr EXCLUSIVE: Kerala floods created by Modi to ensure RSS move Keralites to ghettos

"Modi made sure that the rivers were formed to avenge us because we did not vote for BJP. Pinarayi Vijayan resisted rivers of Modi by holding the dam till the last minute. But the Brahmanical tide was too much to bear."

Cutting through Jawahar Sircar’s recent bullshit about Gurupurnima

A befitting reply to the wire's 'Guru Purnima Has Its Roots in Buddhism and Jainism, Not Hinduism'

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