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On the death of Somnath Chatterjee, CPM- W.Bengal and liberals show their true colors

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

The veteran CPM leader, Somnath Chatterjee’s death and the manner in which his son and daughter vent their ire on CPM party members of the politburo, makes one wonder, are the communists so callous to their own tall leader who left his lucrative career as a promising lawyer at his young age to join the cadres, to be lurched by the same party in his ripe old age to ruminate and feel remorse? The cause for his ousting from the party’s membership was that he did not toe the line of the CPM during the Confidence motion on Shri Mamohan Singh’s Govt.-UPA-1 on Indo-US nuclear deal. Being the Lok Sabha speaker, he took a non-partisan stand. As per the Constitution, the speaker of Lok Sabha has to remain neutral and with no party affiliations during such situations.

Late Somanath did so. That Confidence motion was, of course, a prestige issue for Prakash Karat as he did not want Man Mohan Singh Govt. to sign the nuclear deal with the US. However, they should not have pressurised Late Somanath ji to abide by their position. What did they gain by that Confidence motion or by withdrawing support to the UPA-1? Nothing. In fact, the Congress inked the deal with US and also formed the next Govt without their (the left) support.

As matter of fact, the Congress had brought the left to power, from their political no where to now here. The communist parties are irrelevant in Indian politics. They have been marginalised long ago. Their anti-majority and anti-Hindu and anti-Indian culture stands have been rejected by the people of India. Soviet Russia is not a source of emulation now.

The CPM-politburo and its stringent orders and regimentation was exposed in the death of Somnath Chaterjee. Bimon Bose of W.Bengal’s  statement shows how that party defies Indian Constitution. It’s published in the newspapers a couple of days back that Biman Bose, then Bengal secretary of the party, had said: “He (Somnath Chatterjee) may have acted according to the Indian Constitution but the party constitution is supreme for party-members.” Had a similar statement been said by a member of the BJP, the Liberal anchors and journalists would have lynched the party bosses by their acts of verbal terrorism in the studios and by verbal diahoreah in the print.

The moot- point here is, how can a political party’s Constitution is above the Indian Constitution? How could Somanth Chaterjee listen to the party higher-ups, having himself pledged to abide by Indian Constitution as the speaker of L.S then? The opinionated anchor-jounalist of the so-called Liberal media do not take up when the topic is coming from their ideological base, the left, though deviant. Because, it is inconvenient. Otherwise question like-how can political parties have a Constitution- one day it may supercede the Indian Constitution- if so and so party comes power it may change the country’s constitution etc.- would be the topics. The other panelists i.e the “yes, I agree” kind, would also go ballistic. They say, “Yes, I expected this, I told -you-so”, this they expand in their wordy language, though stylish with no substance. This theatrics go on with no stoppage, daily like soap-opera on liberal, progressive channels. None question the regimentation and militant behaviour in the CPM. Often they mouth these tendencies in the RSS.

In any case, the founders of the RSS, when they talked about the fundamentalist Muslims, the Liberals in India sided with the West and spewed venom on the organisation and called it bigoted. When the Literary giant Naipaul died many wrote obituary columns. Naipul in his writings used to point out the colonial period and the history with Muslim fundamentalism. Rahul Singh (son of Kushwant Singh) wrote in his column, ‘A man always true to himself (TOI dated:13-8-2018) in remembrance of Naipaul that ‘his (Naipaul’s) book on Islam, “Among the Believers”, infuriated much of the Islamic world. Though he was on the shortlists of the Nobel Prize for several years, opposition to his candidature by prominent Muslim leaders apparently stalled his getting the award. But the terrorist attack on New York’s World Trade Centre, changed the mood, and soon afterwards, he got the coveted prize’.

For, the US, 9/11 was an eye-opener. When the Indians have been saying so long, how fundamentalists among Muslims have a role, none in the world bothered. Even in India, the western-minded Indian media brushed it aside as they were RSS’s theories. When the West sneezes, we catch a cold. Of course, the Liberals in the West did not buy those theories of fundamentalism. Likewise, even in India the Liberals are stuck to their guns.

The Liberals who emphasize on free-speech and open-mindedness have to make a soul’s search whether they themselves are so.

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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