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Kerala floods: How communists are encashing flood disaster

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The tragedy of the recent Kerala floods has seen some disturbing and unfortunate outbursts by some leftists, Congressis and regionalists. Some of these Breaking India forces have tried to manufacture a false narrative that the Modi government has purposely withheld aid to Kerala as communists are currently ruling the state. This false narrative has been shown to be completely fake.

The central and state governments have sent in generous aid. Also, Prime Minister Modi personally visited the state on August 17, 2018. The Indian army and the RSS have been displaying amazing courage and compassion by selflessly serving the grief-stricken people of Kerala.

In the meanwhile, it appears that the communists of the CPI(M) have been facing a crisis of ideology for several years. As Bharat takes off as a major world power, the negativist, defeatist ideology has seen a marked decline in followers. With declining memberships and stricter enforcement of FCRA rules, leftists and other Breaking India forces have seen their funds also begin to dry up. As a result, the left has taken to all sorts of gimmicks in order to gain some attention from the masses. Some had taken to conducting Ramayana months and participating in Hindu rituals!

However, with the onset of the terrible human tragedy of the Kerala floods, the left appears to have seen an opportunity to amass huge amounts of money in a quick time. In the name of disaster relief, they have raised an immense stink all across mainstream media and social media with a false complaint that the people of Kerala are being mistreated. All this stink underlines the fact that the top priority for these leftists is not the well-being of the people of Kerala. Instead, with the upcoming 2019 general election in sight, “secularists” seem intent on stockpiling as much money as possible from the Indian taxpayer and other large-hearted philanthropists. Yechury’s tweet asking for ₹20,000 cr is a clear signal that the left requires this amount to uplift themselves politically.

It is also an important matter to be noted that worldwide evangelists are also preparing to commit cultural genocide of Hindus by mass conversions of those affected by floods. Donors who wish to see their contributions being used for real humanitarian purpose have to raise their voices and demand 100% accountability from the state government and NGO’s who are receiving the donations. The left’s nasty politicking and clamouring for other people’s money for selfish purposes has to be exposed widely. Thus, both the evangelist and the leftist menaces have to be dealt with by patriotic Hindus who wish to really help the flood victims and help to rebuild a prosperous and secure Kerala.

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