Monday, May 20, 2024


Kerala flood

Rahul Gandhi’s finds unique strategy for 2019 election: Vacationing

A quick take on the new unnoticed management theory created and propagated by Rahul Gandhi.

Can regional political parties survive if they keep on putting regionalism over nationalism?

The success of the BJP in WB and K'taka in improving its vote share illustrates that there is a substantial section of the population which is fed up of such “regionalism”.

Kerala floods: How communists are encashing flood disaster

In the name of disaster relief, left raised an immense stink all across mainstream media and social media with a false complaint that the people of Kerala are being mistreated.

This is how we can use truth to peddle lies: Alt News and NDTV way

Media is leaving no stone unturned to make fake news out of Kerala's natural calamity.

Kerala: A state drowned by communism

If the current govt takes one more term in Kerala, the future may be even worst.

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