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Kerala: A state drowned by communism

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Why is a propaganda being spread that Central Govt. and BJP States are not helping Kerala?

Because currently, the only state governed by the LEFT, is Kerala. Leftists and Communists have eternal repetitive history of failing economies, failing healthcare, failing food security. Communism is synonymous with bad times, no food, civil wars, mass murders, etc.

So the scale of devastation in Kerala is going to be a big event in post independence history of India. 8 Lakh people have been displaced. History is repeating itself and this cannot be an overnight event. Communist Govt. failed to act upon this forecast calamity, which took so many lives.

They are trying very hard to blame the Central Govt. also people of India for not helping enough! As the time will pass the reality of communist Kerala Govt will be exposed.

When we were studying about communism in school, I was skeptical as to why everything was negative about Communism in our text books. There might be some mistakes by previous Communist parties. If those were taken care of, I believed Communism was more humane and good for society.

Unfortunately I was wrong.

I witnessed Communism closest when we had AAP emerging in Delhi. And Kejriwal said he would put the journalists, whom he alleged to be publishing fake news, behind the bars.

And there it goes. The aspect of Communism which I thought was not a part of Communism. No freedom of press. During my early student life, I believed that Communism and freedom of press can go hand in hand. There is NO FREEDOM in communism.

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