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Independence Day Speech of Modiji has proved why India needs Modiji and not the dynast

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The Independence Day speech of our Honourable Prime Minister of India Modiji deserves rich tribute and flowery praise. Modiji has clearly shown to the world that he is in this planet for a mission to accomplish that is to develop India and ensure Sab Ka Vikas. He is on a positive mission and not interested in playing petty politics. Modiji is working overtime to develop India unlike other political parties which are interested only in developing own dynasty and its sycophants. In fact the speech of Modiji has clearly re-kindled the great quotable quote of William Arthur Ward about 4 types of teachers.

William Arthur Ward has said that there are 4 types of teachers exist and the first being the ‘mediocre teacher’ who know only to tell the contents to the students. On the other hand, the ‘good’ teacher would ‘explain’ the contents to the students. The third type of teacher, ‘the superior teacher’ would demonstrate while the great teacher would inspire. Modiji has proven he is great and his speech was very inspiring.

Modiji has touched new heights in his greatness and has surpassed a level above true statesman. His speech was packed with vision, mission, true intention, list of achievements, detailed account on how India has transformed, got direction, inspiration, motivation and with clear admission on what more to be done.

A great speech, a speech on India, speech about India and speech for India is what Modiji has delivered from the rampart of Red Fort. Our country is passing through a transition phase. The next phase is transformation, i.e., transformation of New India where people are going to be prosperous, rich, happy and purposeful. The New India as envisaged by Modiji will not exist just for India alone but instead it would exist for the world, to change the character and destiny of the world, future and fortune of the world and India shall remain a global super power.

On the day of India’s celebration of its Independence, people of India are certainly happy and excited by the speech of Modiji as it was filled with positivity and enthusiasm that has dipped India into the ocean of celebration and joy.

Just to oppose Modiji, many fringe political parties that exist purely due to dynasty culture are mocking and joking at India.   Indians must derecognize all these political parties by rejecting them totally from Indian politics. The culture of dynasty politics must disappear from Indian politics.

The clear admission of several initiatives of Modiji are ‘work in progress’ and many other initiatives that are yet to begin clearly tells the people of this county that people of India have an extra-ordinary responsibility on their shoulder and must support Modiji than the divisive forces in 2019.

India is growing in an envious manner and for India to attain its fullness, continuation of the same vision, passion, commitment and integrity is essential. Modiji alone can fulfill the dream and agenda of New India and Sab Ka Vikas of millions of Indians. Indians need Modij and not the dynasty culture where the sycophants would sing the song praising the dynast and not Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

India needs Modiji in 2019 as its Prime Minister to build a New India which is corruption free, healthy, happy and purposeful India.

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