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Cheap politics over skull-cap by Sashi Tharoor vs. PM Modi’s mission of new India

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The attempt of some congress leaders to defame our ancient culture and heritage needs to be condemned.  The recent remark of Mr. Sashi Tharoor questing why Modiji likes to wear North Eastern dress when he visits North East but not scull-cap and avoid green colour.

Modiji has clearly stated that he would never appease any particular community like congress or other opportunistic political parties. Religious symbols and cultural symbols or symbols of our heritage must be clearly differentiated.  The culture and heritage of north eastern states are unique and therefore such cultural heritage not only deserve appreciation but and must be preserved. Therefore wearing headgear of north eastern states is meant only as respect to the culture and heritage of north eastern states. But the scull-cap is more of religious practice and identity of a particular religion. Wearing scull-cap is not wrong but not wearing the scull-cap need not be seen as against such practice. On the contrary wearing the scull-cap just for political mileage is nothing but minority appeasement and not honest respect to any religion.

Indian politics is dominated by dividing societies and minority appeasement. Even the comment of the congress man about Modiji not willing to wear scull-cap itself meant to polarize the society and is an act of minority appeasement.

Modiji is a leader of exemplary virtues and qualities. Modiji always values the cultural heritage of our nation and promote the heritage of India as one of the global attractions and tourism. But a person of such stature Mr. Sashi Tharror is so mean and silly and is engaged in petty politics and politics of minority appeasement.

We may not able to blame Mr. Tharoor because he represents nothing but the culture and value systems of the party that he belongs to. His party is known for dividing the country through such petty politics.

Modiji is a unifying force. He promotes the concept and philosophy of one India. The essence of mission one India promoted by Modiji is aimed to nullify religious and caste division that prevails today thanks to congress party. Time has come India must emerge as a county with one cultural identity and feeling and India should not be allowed to remain as a mixture of different regions with regional interest and divisions.

Development of India should not be allowed to degenerate due to regional politics devoid of nationalism. Indian has suffered the worst when regional parties join together and formed an alliance as well as the history of UPA I and II where compulsion of coalition has buried the fame and dignity of India due to allegations of several scams.

Modiji is the unifying force and he is the only leader in the contemporary time has taken the cultural heritage of our India to unify various religions and castes. Modiji promote YOGA not just for healthy and fit India but he wish to use YOGA as a tool to unite entire India.

The concept of one India, one tax and one election is not just a wish of Modiji but is a scientific fact. Once such practice is implemented, huge revenue the government is incurring almost every month towards conducting different state elections can be avoided. Once the election is over, only governance alone will the happen and not politics for the entire 5 year term.

Indians must differentiate the ideologies of people like Sashi Tharoor and the party he represent and a leader like Modiji, his ideals, value systems, untiring mission to develop India and achieve Sab Ka vikas.

People should not fall prey to those petty politicians whose only aim is to please the dynasty, appease minority and divide the country. Indians must own India and must stand with Modiji to develop the country and build New India.

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