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How the heinous Mandsaur rape case communalised

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Talking about a very sensitive issue, a heinous crime committed, which has been brought down to an issue pertaining to religion just for the sake of getting the support of one community.
A 7-year-old (HINDU) girl raped by a man named Irfan (MUSLIM) in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. You must be thinking why I mentioned their religion in capital letters because this is how liberals fight for rape.
This is how they choose for whom they need to raise voice and for whom they shouldn’t. Yes, they constantly try and demean Hinduism. They take only those cases where Muslim is a victim and Hindu is at fault but what about Hindu girls. Are they safe?
Any girl belonging to any community needs protection. Irrespective of their caste, creed, and color, they need to get justice but our Bollywood people won’t understand this. Liberals and Bollywood come out with selective outrage. They come with placard only when it’s beneficial to them and not to the society.
Today our very own Mr. Scindia from Congress party, who belongs to Madhya Pradesh but has zero knowledge about that place gave his statement to ANI :
It took a lot of time to lodge an FIR in the rape case of a 8-year-old girl in Mandsaur. Even today the investigation is not going in the right direction. We demand a CBI inquiry in the case. Women in my state don’t feel safe: Jyotiraditya Scindia, Congress  #MadhyaPradesh 
Now here are some points to be noted :
  • The girl was raped on 26th June,18
  • Accused was arrested on 27th June,18
  • CM calls for capital punishment on 29th June,18
But this statement of Mr. Scindia is given on 30th June,18. What was he doing from last 4 days? Where was he?
The case is already in the fast track court and accused are already taken in custody. And as per laws in Madhya Pradesh, death penalty to be given to the criminals who rape a child under 12 years of age. So what Mr. Scindia is talking about?
Now keen point to be noted, the whole matter will be politicized by liberals as elections are to be held after 6 months in Madhya Pradesh and it’s the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) ruling state with Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Mama) as the Chief Minister holding his grip from last 12 years.
So now to get back into power, Congress and liberals are trying their best to politicize every little topic. They are just trying to increase their vote bank but aren’t focusing on how to get rid of such sick mentality people and making India a clean place for every child.
Their focus and agenda is quite clear, all they are focusing on bringing Congress back to power by communalizing every issue.
All you need to know is that the little girl will get justice and criminals will get the punishment they deserve.

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