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Unwarranted sloganeering- A threat to peace

Amidst the celebrations of the 75th Republic Day, the news of religious slogans being raised on the Aligarh Muslim University’s Campus by some students in the National Cadet Corps(NCC) uniform made headlines.

A divided nation and the need for Hindutva

This article expands on the problem of polarization in name of caste and religion identity politics in India and presents Hindutva as a solution to this issue.

A tale of two India

There are some incidents that get forgotten as time goes by. However, the learnings from them shouldn’t.

Communist-isation Of a Nation

On a surface level, the phrase “If you are not a socialist when you are young, you have no heart and if you are not a capitalist when you are old, you have no brain” makes sense but a 1984 interview by an ex-KGB spy might state otherwise.

From ‘Two Indias’ to ‘New India’ – long way to go!

A multi-stakeholder effort is the need of the hour to eliminate these social evils and achieve a New India in the true sense.

India’s current predicament

The government should try to provide the best government not the maximum government.

Should it not be Yogi’s choice to wear or not wear a skull cap?

liberals obsession with the word ‘Secularism’ makes them use it so loosely that it's become one of the most hated words amongst Indians

How the heinous Mandsaur rape case communalised

Talking about a very sensitive issue, a heinous crime committed, which has been brought down to an issue pertaining to religion just for the...

Conviction of Nun’s rapist quashes Christian ‘persecution’ fears

How the international media had earlier painted a gloomy picture of India based on this incident.

Indian Secularism is just a Scarecrow

Secularism practiced by Congress is just a tool to keep votebanks intact & force Indians to stick to most unrelated issues of their life.

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