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Indian Secularism is just a Scarecrow

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Let’s start by watching the following video:


Now that’s extremely tolerant, peaceful and secular. Not at all controversial.


Not a single media debate. No outrage. Entire media, intellectual mafia, liberals has gone into hibernate, as if nothing has happened.

It matters only when a timepass BJP leader says something, that too just 10% of this, but not when it comes from the Leader Of Opposition from Congress Party, in the Parliament, while discussion on the Constitution.

I don’t remember the “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes” dialogue, as I was just 2 months old at that time. But, now I’ve heard Mr Kharge’s threat live on the TV. It only strengthens my view about Congress, that, in Independent India, Congress is the Party responsible for & beneficiary of all the communal riots starting from Partition of the country, purely based on religion, for first time in the history.


Whenever people have started asking them Roti-Kapda-Makan not as Bheekh but through mai stream channels of Education & Jobs, which they could never deliver, they always come up with same tantrum of Secularism, in different forms.

Secularism, for the Congress and other self proclaimed Seculars, is just a Sacrecrow. SacreCrow has two words, and both are equally insulting & inhuman.

Minorities are the biggest victims of Secularism. More than others, it’s important for these sufferers to understand this. They will have to come forward & ask:

  • How long are you going to use Secularism as a veil to hide your non-performance, failures & evils?
  • Why are we not part of the mainstream even after 65 yrs of your rule?
  • Why do we have to spend our life in filthy Ghettos?
  • Why is it so easy for fanatics to identify our houses and ruin our life?
  • Why are our settlements kept separate from others?
  • One community gets itself freed from Sati pratha, Polygamy & Bali Pratha, just after independence, while the other community; whose roots are in Sufism, whose preachers were likes of Rahim, RasKhan, Ghalib, Khusro, NizamUddinAulia, Muinuddin Chisti & Iqbal; In last 65 yrs of secular rule, that community has been systematically attached with one of the most inhuman activities? Why & How?
  • Why is there a caste & religion column in any govt application form which is supposed to be equal for all?
  • Why in my country I’ve a separate identity?
  • Why our names are more important than our talent?
  • Some of us were born poor, agreed, but why we were scared & forced to become beggars in the name of Secularism?

And the biggest player in this game is a particular section of Media. Media which cannot survive without sensationalizing anything. The media which is no more related to journalism, the media which has nothing to do with NEWS but only have to force & sell their VIEWS. How fair Indian media is in reporting is quite clear here. Listen to what Congress LOP Kharge said, and have a look on what Media reported.

I hope, we all remember, how this media behaved on comments of Ret Gen V K Singh. V. K. Singh, who spent his youth protecting us from enemies, so that we can live peacefully. V. K. Singh, who was on the ground Zero, when Indians trapped in Yemen were being escaped. What are contributions of this Rowdy Kharge, that he can threaten entire nation? Shame, on Congress, on Media & on Us.

These combined forces, first they failed to derail the govt, now they are trying to divert our focus. Time to realize that and shout it out clearly: “to hell with your opportunistic, biased and fake Secularism, just let us live peacefully, Work & Let us Work. You armchair activists may get everything without any work, but we have to work, work hard, for each & everything in our life.”

Quoting words of Tufail Ahmed, “Indian Secularism has tasted Muslim Blood.” Sooner the victims of Secularism realize and reject it, better the life they can guarantee for our future generation. Remember, your friends have not changed, your neighbors are same, you work with same colleague at your work place.

Your doodhwala, paperwala, kaamwali, autowala, securitywala, sabjiwala, kiranewala, teacher, clasmates, bankers, doctors, plumbers, carpenter, electrician nothing & no-one has changed. Engage with them, talk to them, express & exchange yOur views or fear, and focus on yOur issues, yOur priorities, yOur career, yOur life & yOur future. Let yOur kids enjoy the same carefree childhood which we have enjoyed.

Time to move on from this TRP driven artificial, meaningless, time & resource killing,  tolerant-intolerant OR secular-communal debate.

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