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Madhya Pradesh

कब तक सामने आते रहेंगे प्यारेमियाँ जैसे चरित्र?

क्या प्यारेमियाँ को दंडित करने मात्र ही समस्या का हल है? क्या प्यारेमियाँ अकेला अपराधी है? ऐसे अनेक सवाल हैं जो एक समाज के रूप में हमें स्वयं से पूछने ही चाहिए।

Park stroll or Chambal ravines stroll for BJP in by-elections of Madhya Pradesh

This time it looks more of a park stroll for BJP post -Scindia joining the party. But it can turn out to be a Chambal ravine stroll as well.

As Jyotiraditya Scindia quits Congress, What’s the way out for the party?

The recent exit of Jyotiraditya Scindia from the Indian National Congress(INC) demonstrates that the haughty attitude of the Congress leadership towards the people and even to their own leaders will be their nemesis. The Congress clearly needs to change its management style.

Skipping vote can be ultimate apathy

if a veteran political leader does not go to vote in the election procedure, it is surely regarded as a big sin as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about Digvijay Singh while addressing a gathering in Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh.

BJP must have a credible story to sell to their voters

Modi made promises regarding jobs, corruption, development etc. Now, with a full term, he is being questioned on delivery

Why Congress has lost the Assembly Elections of 2018 despite winning numerically

BJP has not lost because of lack of development but despite the development across all three states

Three reasons why BJP lost Madhya Pradesh

Read how not only anti-incumbency but caste arithmetic and PM's image lost BJP its strong hold state like MP.

How the heinous Mandsaur rape case communalised

Talking about a very sensitive issue, a heinous crime committed, which has been brought down to an issue pertaining to religion just for the...

The haunting decade of ‘Diggi’ raj in MP

the times of the Digvijay era is what haunts the Madhya Pradesh voter till today

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