Skipping vote can be ultimate apathy

If a common voter does not cast the ballot despite the name in the voter’s list, it is said that he is not aware of his democratic right. If a non-voter shows his impatience for not securing a golden chance of taking part in an election, it is considered one’s sheer bad luck. But if a veteran political leader does not go to vote in the election procedure, it is surely regarded as a big sin as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about Digvijay Singh while addressing a gathering in Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh.

What exactly made the Congress veteran not to exercise his precious vote was his busy supervision of the voting process in Bhopal where he was contesting as a candidate in these parliamentary elections. Although Digvijay Singh regretted not casting his valuable vote at Rajgarh, nearly 140 Km away from Bhopal, yet his apologetic attitude did not save him from heavy criticisms by vital BJP leaders. His skirting pulled ample disparagements owing to his absence from direct participation in voting that generally comes once in a five-year time.

It looked like his irresponsible mindset at the first instance but how could he vote for in Bhopal if he was not a voter there. If PM could go to Gujarat for casting his valued vote, he would have gone to Rajgarh where he was registered as a voter. Ducking the vote on his part turned out to be the national news-item as he commands enough political importance in the country’s politics. He had definitely skipped his chance to vote as an experienced Congress party leader.

In Madhya Pradesh, it is his party that holds the reins of the state government. He fights the parliamentary election from a tough seat of the state but made it thoroughly toughest to take an excursion for a certain length of distance. Questions would be raised over his nervousness as the BJP said. He made it urgent for political gazers to study his denial of the single vote’s glory. It was his ultimate act of disdain for voting. Maybe he was not that brave and bold in stark reality and why is it not assumed that in the midst of a dare taken on from Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath?

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