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How did communism and fascism evolve from Abrahamic monotheism?

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In the last hundred or so years, communism and fascism have been two ideologies with some of the biggest body counts. However, it has to be understood that these ideologies did not spring up out of nowhere. For more than 2000 years, the specter of Abrahamic monotheism has been haunting many parts of the world. It has been well documented that Christianity was responsible for the annihilation of many natural pagan religions. A thousand years ago, pagans were completely wiped out from all places where Christianity took root. The same cultural genocide took place in the Middle East and the Arab world, where Islam wreaked havoc on the polytheists. After having wiped out the pagans, Christianity and Islam later waged innumerable religious wars to wipe each other out. Christians also wiped out much of the indigenous populations of South and North America. Christian colonialists also were responsible for millions of deaths in Asia and Africa. Communism and fascism both take inspiration from the bloody legacies of the Abrahamic religions.

But communism and fascism are secular.

Yellow badge of the Holocaust


“But communism and fascism are secular!” This is a common refrain by those who want to whitewash communism and fascism’s links with Abrahamic religions. In theory, the proponents of communism and some of the fascists may have been atheistic. However, the actions undertaken by the fascists and communists speak a different story altogether.

Palestinian Mufti in Holocaust
Palestinian Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, and Adolf Hitler on 28 November 1941

The bloody purges of Stalin had their counterpart in the medieval Inquisition. Stalin was trying to purge all those who did not believe in his version of communism. Similarly, the medieval Christians tortured and killed those who did not believe in their version of Christianity.


The Nazis slaughtered 7 million Jews and Indian-origin Roma. Jewish pogroms had also taken place in medieval and modern Russia and other parts of Europe. The Nazis had required all people of Jewish ancestry to wear a yellow patch. Interestingly, a similar practice was followed by the Muslim invaders of India, who were responsible for over 80 million deaths. They instructed the Hindus to wear a piece of cloth on their dress as a mark of distinction[1].

Many followers of Islam were attracted to the Nazis because of their shared antisemitism. Palestinian Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was one of the closest collaborators with Nazis. The Baathist ideology, made famous by Saddam Hussein, was also influenced by fascism.

Origins of fascism

National Catholicism was the ruling ideology of fascist Spain between 1936 to 1975. General Franco was supported by the Catholic clergy


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the roots of fascism are either tied to the Jacobin movement or a 19th-century backlash against the Enlightenment. Christianity had brought about a long period of ignorance, known as the Dark Ages. The Enlightenment was a movement that began to question the Christian stranglehold on European learning. The Enlightenment occurred side by side with great scientific and industrial progress. There were, however, many people in Western society who saw the Enlightenment in a negative way as it had relaxed the grip of Christianity on the people. Fascism arose as a movement among such reactionaries. Christianity had a big influence on these movements.

“We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity … in fact our movement is Christian.”

– Adolf Hitler, From his speech in Passau 27 October 1928

The symbol of the German Nazis was inspired by the Hakenkreuz (Hooked Cross) of the Lambach Abbey,  an Austrian Christian monastery. Mussolini was supported by the Vatican establishment. Clerical fascism rose in Italy and other places. National Catholicism was the ruling ideology of fascist Spain between 1936 to 1975.

Origins of communism

Communism can firmly say to be of a Christian heritage. The early Christians practised a primitive form of communism. They abolished all private property and lived in a communal setting where all things were shared. In the 15th century, the German preacher, Thomas Muntzer, led an extremely bloody and violent revolt of peasants against the oppressive feudal reign. The Christian peasants, known as Anabaptists, created a reign of terror during this revolt. They advocated that all property was to be shared. Having abolished the family, they also treated women as “common property”. Also, Thomas More, the medieval Catholic saint, was the author of Utopia, one of the early socialist texts.

The modern-day communists, who rejected God, began to worship the state instead. Karl Marx wrote:

 The state is the intermediary between man and man’s freedom. Just as Christ is the intermediary to whom man transfers the burden of all his divinity, all his religious constraint, so the state is the intermediary to whom man transfers all his non-divinity and all his human unconstraint.


It is plainly evident that the ruthless bigotry of Abrahamic monotheism found a modern continuation in the form of the deadly ideologies of communism and fascism. Totalitarianism and world conquest is a common, shared legacy between these ideologies. The West likes to hype liberalism as the perfect antidote to these ideologies. In reality, however, liberals have been responsible for most of the wars following World War II. Hundreds of thousands of innocents have lost their lives in the wars carried out by supporters of Western liberalism in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq etc. In practice, it appears that liberalism is another offspring of the virus of Abrahamic monotheism. Liberalism hides an agenda of world domination beneath the talk of peace and tolerance. These ruinous ideologies seek to conquer the world and impose a uniform culture. Sadly, at the same time, they have succeeded in wiping out much of the diversity in the world.

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