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The Aurangzeb we all need

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Aurangzeb, the brave Indian army soldier was part of 44 Rashtriya Rifles. 44 RR has been India’s most successful counterinsurgency unit this year, Based at Shopian in South Kashmir. 44 RR killed terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Sameer tiger earlier this year.

Aurangzeb was heading to his home on 14th of June, Thursday to celebrate Eid with his family. He was abducted by a group of armed militants near Kalampora, Shopian. Army and J&K police launched a massive manhunt to find Aurangzeb, only to find his bullet-riddled body later. Aurangzeb was paid tribute by the Indian army and other Security forces, this Friday. Locals came in huge numbers to attend his funeral and were seen raising slogans of “Shaheed Aurangzeb Amar Rahe”, outside his house.

Aurangzeb was close to Major Rohit Shukla, who led anti-terror operation against slain terrorist Sameer Tiger. An unconfirmed video has emerged, in which terrorists can be seen questioning Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb didn’t cried for mercy, he died a Soldier’s death. Aurangzeb, father is a retired Indian army Soldier, 55-year-old Mohammad Haneef. His Uncle died fighting the same terrorists, in 2004. Haneef’s eldest son is in Army, while two of his younger sons are set to join the army, as reported by Indiatimes.


Aurangzeb holding an American rifle.

Haneef father gave a strong message to Indian govt and Defence forces. Quoting a few lines from his message

Indian government has enormous power, houses can be searched. From 2003, Kashmir conflict is not yet solved. This is the death of several security forces soldier’s whose bodies were flown out of Kashmir, including my son. Kashmir conflict can be solved by Indian government. Even if these militants are muslims, one who does bad receives bad. I won’t be able to celebrate Eid with him. Ministers in Srinagar, of BJP, Congress or any party should be removed from Kashmir. I give Narendra modi 72 hours deadline to avenge the death of my son.


Aurangzeb, younger brother vowed to take revenge from Militants and Pakistan.


In another video , Haneef asked the following to an Indian army officer.

Why is pakistan’s flag raised in Kashmir, instead of Indian flag. I will sacrifice my own life for this nation, my elder son is in Army.

Haneef is true Indian Kashmiri Muslim, who represents the idea of Kashmiriyat. It’s time Pakistan understands that Kashmir is an integral part of India, and Kashmiris will serve their nation till last breath. Several Haneefs are living in Kashmir, and its high time Indian government takes a bold step in resolving Kashmir conflict. Home minister, Rajnath Singh has realised his mistake, and ordered for the end of the ceasefire in Kashmir. Indian army should again start their operation all-out, and avenge the death of fearless Aurangzeb, renowned journalist and the brave security force soldiers martyred in Kashmir.

While the Indian express resorted to their agenda and wrote an article with the headline ” J&K Pulwama Firing”. No, Indian Express there was no firing involved in above act. It is an act of cowardice by the terrorists, killing an unarmed soldier.

Several prominent personalities sympathised for Burhan Wani, Terrorist.  While the same people find it difficult to blame Terrorist Muslim organisations for the death of Journalists, and brave Soldiers. It is time, we identify them. Shaheed Aurangzeb is the hero we all need.

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