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2019, a fight for Hindu existence

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The heat for the 2019 elections is being turned up in many quarters. Already, a great “coalition” of assorted crooks and appeasers is lining up to fight against the forces of Hindutva. The election for the Karnataka Assembly recently concluded. What happened after the election is widely seen as a forerunner to what can be expected in 2019.

In Karnataka, two parties, bitterly opposed in the election campaign, opportunistically joined hands in the name of “secular” politics to prevent what is widely seen as the party of Hindus from forming the government. Perception matters in today’s world of instant news and social media. All over India, the opposing coalition appears to be seeking blood for what they perceive as Hindu uppityness. In the eyes of the Abrahamic religions and the Western-educated liberals and Marxists, the only natural religions possible in this world are Abrahamic religions. Their end goal is to see to the death of Hinduism.

A person who largely funds and controls the opposition is the former Italian barmaid, Antonia Maino. She is widely seen as the puppeteer behind the mute Prime Ministership of Manmohan Singh. Under her command, the NAC, an unconstitutional body, was set up to guide and advice the government as per her agenda. It is well known that Antonia and her son, Rahul, were behind the campaign to malign Hindus in the name of “Hindu terror”. The NAC started blaming Hindus for any and all riots that took place in India. Subramanian Swamy had filed an FIR in 2011 for this attempt at whitewashing the real culprits behind the violence.


Also, Antonia seems to be anxious to quickly bring Bharat into the Christian fold. Her ties to the Vatican are well known. Her 2004-2010 government had steadily supported many foreign souls harvesting NGOs. Recently, the website PGurus has revealed the role played by the Vatican in meddling with Indian governments who oppose their malicious agenda.

Also in the coalition of assorted anti-Hindus are communists and the Islamists. Leftists and communists have had an agenda of breaking India and destroying Hinduism from their earliest days. Maoist terrorism has been widely curbed by the BJP government during the years following the 2014 election. The Maoist terrorists and their urban liberal comrades have recently been exposed and have been accused of plotting against Modi’s life.


Islamic terrorists and other assorted apologists for terrorism are also bitterly unhappy at seeing the resurgence of Hindus.

Even when the Congress is seen to make some overtures towards Hindus, Islamists see red and condemn anyone seen to be supporting Hindus.

As can be seen from the above, the forces of Mullah, Marxist and Missionary (three M’s) have joined together to smash what is left of Bharat. The “secular” coalition has poised itself to shamelessly divide and conquer the Hindus. Already, the casteist dynasty politicians and their friends in the mainstream media are constantly demonizing all facets of Hinduism from politics to culture and beyond. The demonizing of Hindus has been the only uniting force behind the triple “M” forces in India. Everywhere else in the world, the M’s have been fighting brutal battles with each other unto death.

If some Hindus see the BJP as not doing enough for the Hindu cause, they need to first leave small-mindedness behind and stand behind Modi. Only then, will they be able to pressure the party of Hindutva to do more for Hindutva? Not voting or voting NOTA could very likely be a suicidal act. Hindus have to become patriotic and go out and vote for Modi and BJP in 2019 as a united block.

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