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Modi govt

कृषि संबधी स्थायी समिति ने कीटनाशक प्रबंधन विधेयक पर जनता की राय मांगी

पहली बार हुआ है केंद्र सरकार ने जनता से सुझाव मॉंग रही है। भारत सरकार ने कीटनाशक प्रबंधन विधेयक के संबंध में जनता की राय मांगी है।

International Friendship Day – A glimpse on how the face of Indian Diplomacy changed globally?

There used to be a time when USA openly supported Pakistan against India but the scenario has changed. In recent times, USA became the biggest piece in the piechart of India's export list.

Mainstream media should know that war journalism is serious stuff, not cricket commentary

When would the mainstream media of the country realize that dealing with 'war' or a 'potentially war like situation' is not playing a 'day and night cricket match'?

Modi govt vis-a-vis Bengal politics: What can a policy of ‘endless patience’ deliver?

Will the policy of endless patience and unwillingness to take any drastic action help tackling the grave pandemic? Or, would it snatch away all the political capital it has built up in the state over several years?

10 Best transformations of Modi Government

Modi-led government is clocking over a year at the wheel. Here are  major things Modi government has achieved since coming to power.

Modicare – PM shows the will and way to achieve health reforms in India

The insurance coverage and the budget allocation is quite sufficient to begin with if everyone in the health care service system acts responsibly and value and respect the real distress of poor.

2019, a fight for Hindu existence

a great "coalition" of assorted crooks and appeasers are lining up to fight against the forces of Hindutva

Modi Lifts Millions Out of Poverty

the kick-starting of the economy has started a new social dynamics in the county

The limits to a united opposition

The general election doesn’t depend on how united the opposition is, it's all about what Modi has done in the last 4 years

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