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International Friendship Day – A glimpse on how the face of Indian Diplomacy changed globally?

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Priya Ranjan Tewary
Student of class 12

Before I start writing this blog, I would like to wish you a very happy Friendship Day and in this blog I am going to write about how India managed her allies in last six years.

As we all know, the majestic Rafael jets arrived in India just a day ago further strengthening the bilateral ties between India and France. France being one of the key allies of India also showed solidarity with India during the India-China faceoff at Galwan valley which is a diplomatic win for India. Foreign policy of India has been gone through many reforms since last six years and helped India gaining many global allies.

Since the time the BJP led NDA government came in power, the government invested reasonable amount of time in strengthening ties with the outside world which dramatically changed the face of Indian Diplomacy in the world and not to forget Former Minister of External Affairs Lt. Shushma Swaraj without whom it is not at all possible to reach this peak. And the change is visible when India won the non-permanent membership of UN security council getting 184 out of 192 votes.

To explain this and make it more clear I will take 2 countries as example.

After BJP led NDA government came in power India changed its attitude towards Israel and making it stand as one of the major and all-weather ally. The policies of Congress led UPA government towards Israel were not that good and used to have a soft corner for Palestine, the key enemy of Israel. The drastic change in Indo-Israel relationship is strengthened with India supplying masks, sanitizers and Hydroxychloroquine to Israel and in return Israel’s supply of Ventilators to India and they’re now developing a testing kit which will give results in only 30 seconds. This shows how the bilateral relations between the two changed so far amid Covid-19.

When it comes to allies in recent years, the case of USA is also important, there used to be a time when USA openly supported Pakistan against India but the scenario has changed. In recent times, USA became the biggest piece in the piechart of India’s export list. After 2014, India managed to maintain good relations and uphold national interests with both the Democratic party and Republican party under Former U.S President Barack Obama and now President Donald Trump. The recent US-China trade war grew the ties more stronger as USA now sees India as a big market for producing goods for USA and a strategic partner to counter Chinese dominance at the region.

So far as we seen India’s diplomacy is growing stronger and stronger and this shows India’s capability of becoming a emerging superpower and a global leader.

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Priya Ranjan Tewary
Student of class 12

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