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Karnataka – One election and much needed learning for almost everyone

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One election and much-needed learning for almost everyone (exceptions apply)

For NOTA Voters – the core BJP supporters who wanted to teach a lesson to BJP, will now have to learn a lesson under JDS + Congress for next few years or for 5 years or may be more or may be less. This was one of the best chance BJP had in Karnataka.

I agree BJP may not have done much for the Hindu cause but when the same BJP made a poll promise for addressing temple’s issue in Karnataka then some BJP core supporters didn’t support the cause and went for NOTA. BJP generally works based on their “Pole Promise” document and 4 years of performance is evidence of that but It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be doing other things.

I think – one thing should be clearly understood – the congress didn’t build the ecosystem in 4-5 years, so, BJP core supporter expecting BJP to create it in 4+ years is laughable. BJP alone needs majorities in lower and upper house both then you can expect faster and positive outcomes and for that, BJP needs to have the footprint across all states to create the ecosystem that can work faster and positively.

It’s good that the lesson has come in the Karnataka election otherwise it would have hurt badly in 2019. So, vote wisely and think long term because congress can do certain things because they have the ecosystem but BJP still need time for this and hence the longer rope.

For Voters – In all the democracies in the world – nowhere a single family has ruled the country for more than 60 years and yet get away with all the responsibilities and accountabilities on one name.

Historically, the voters have voted based on whatever they like (candidate and/or party or some other factor) but with the emergence of a multi-party system – it is exploited and now horse-trading decides the government and not the votes. Karnataka is the best example.

For example – JDS voters always knew that the JDS can’t form the government on its own and, JDS might end up supporting BJP to form the government. That’s the reason you will see in most of the straight fights between JDS and Congress – the JDS voters gave the mandate against the Congress. Now, JDS (against the people’s mandate) has horse-traded with the Congress. And, Congress is still in power even after being completely rejected by the voters. So, what is happening here? – people are asking for change but they are not getting the change because of the horse-trading.
So, my appeal (a lesson may be too) to the Indian voters is – please vote wisely. Don’t let the political parties decide the change for you. No matter who you want to choose (BJP or Congress or someone else) but choose wisely and decisively with full numbers. The fractured mandate promotes blackmailing and horse-trading and both are not good for democracy.

For BJP – BJP need not look at the larger picture all the time but also (sometimes) narrowed view, it will go a long way in managing and assuring your voter-base and will also help build upon it. I think BJP should have a team of people who should look after the grievances of their core voters and the could be a beginning point to learn about and address them.

For Congress – Congress (a family party) generally don’t want to learn a lesson but anyway. In Karnataka – they are now reduced to supporting and standing behind regional parties and do not act like a national party. Perhaps, Regional (North-South) divide is one of the (many) reasons for your debacle. Stop dividing the societies and regions. Don’t be mistaken – Karnataka is not your victory but Democracy (fractured) lost. It would be wise to select a new Congress president (that too a non-Gandhi) and make a comeback – opposition is very important in a democracy. There are many capable leaders in Congress.

Wishes to voters, BJP, Congress, and all the political parties.

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