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Taxes, taxmen and the Taliban

Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries of the world mainly on account of the Taliban insurgency. War continues till this date between the NATO assisted Afghan security forces and the Taliban.

Could NOTA be the fools’ prank this April?

The only possible purpose that NOTA could serve is expressing your dissent - something which can be done much more effectively on social media these days on different politically active family and friends Whatsapp groups, or on Twitter.

What is the alternative?

The congress is lacking at so many places that it is difficult for them to fill the holes and hence they have reached to a new low in politics when it comes to be a sincere, serious opposition.

 NOTA – an unwarranted contestant in Elections

Nota could sound idealist, but it is too heavy a cost to pay for the idealism.

NOTA and its implications

If NOTA bags 99 out 100 votes, the candidate getting remaining one vote will be declared elected. Can we take the risk to opt for it?

Karnataka – One election and much needed learning for almost everyone

BJP needs to have the footprint across all states to create the ecosystem that can work faster

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