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What is the alternative?

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The world’s largest democracy itself gives you a sense of authority but it’s not the only thing that comes along, what also comes along are hypocrite politics, prosperous campaigns, TRP boosting rumors and a confused voter. Being a first-time voter, choice is not easy, it would have been a different scenario in case of state elections but this is the biggest election decide the fate of the country. 2019 Lok-Sabha elections are here and the battle has begun to manipulate the world’s 2nd largest democratic population.

It is stupefying to see things like accusations, fallacies, paid media and racism being used in a competition to serve the country. A highly rational inspection must be done by each and every voter in India as to determine and decide the glorious future ahead and inspecting the condition doesn’t mean to watch debates on TV nor does it mean to get into nonsense arguments with one track minds. It is the demand of present time that one has to rise above the personal preferences and vote for the one who assures the integrity of this nation.

Now the question that lies ahead is “Who is he? Whom should we vote for?” and the innocent answer is “It’s my choice.” The biggest name we hear today is PM Shri Narendra Modi. The foreign visits, clean India, make in India, Digital India, start up India, demonetization, surgical strike, air strike and numerous steps/schemes have become the highlights of his 5-year tenure as a PM. But are they enough to vote for him again and Bhartiya Janata Party or NDA? It is true that his foreign visits have uplifted the impression of India in the world and retaliating Pakistan with fierce strikes is something that UPA government failed to deliver. The situation seems favorable for him from this perspective but when you look at the problems of common people they have a lot of catching up to do.

Taking a U-turn on the objective of Demonetization’s being cashless society from recovering black money itself demonstrates that it was a desperate attempt to lure people into believing that they made the right choice by electing them. The ones oppressed about fall of rupee when in opposition let it fall beyond expectations when in power. Various schemes have been launched by NDA just like every government does and they failed to implement those schemes on ground level as like every government. If these things make BJP or NDA not worthy of your vote then “who deserves it?” is still the question unanswered. It is a no brainer that if you choose the 2nd largest party today i.e. the Indian National Congress or UPA with high probability that this nation will be led by Rahul Gandhi. Explaining why he is not worth deserving to the post of PM is preposterous.

The congress is lacking at so many places that it is difficult for them to fill the holes and hence they have reached to a new low in politics when it comes to be a sincere, serious opposition. With which the question remains “Who deserves the vote?” Should we go for the regional parties? Sure if you think that they have the conviction to guide your constituency to new heights then go for it.


It is also very important to keep in mind that this loksabha elections will decide the leaders who’ll lead the country not only the constituency and a coalition government has failed numerous times due to their self- centered, selfish approach. And today majority of regional parties are family centric doing worst politics of power by dividing the society on the basis of caste.

The only option left is pressing the NOTA button. The main aim of elections is to elect somebody; the idea of NOTA is quiet against the basic objective. Suppose that NOTA receives majority of votes even then what you’ll do is stretch the long process by forcing re- elections. The only thing you can do is go for the best candidate among all which you think deserves your vote.

As the current scenario suggest PM Narendra Modi is the person majority of Indians look up to, though not perfect. The question remains “If not Modi, then Who?” “What is the Alternative?”.

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