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CJ Werleman, Hinduphobia and Fake News

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CJ Werleman is a journalist and writer who was initially known for his Anti-Islamic views, but now he has flipped his side and claims to be fighting Islamophobia. But one thing which remains consistent with CJ Werleman is Fake News. Whichever side he chooses, he hardly bothers about facts and truth. In this article, I have listed out those 10 cases where CJ Werleman deliberately shared ‘Fake News’ and twisted the stories.

Case 1:

CJ Werleman, tweets on 13th Feb 2018:

Link to the Tweet is Here: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/979033223752646657?s=19

As per CJ Werleman, the man and woman in the video are lovers, where the man is Muslim and the girl is Hindu and the people around them, who could be seen harassing “the man and woman” are ‘HINDU EXTREMISTS’.

The Truth:

Soon after CJ Werleman posted this tweet, several Twitter users pointed out that, this is a fake narration by CJ Werleman. A popular news portal, Opindia, busted the lies of CJ Werleman which could be read here: http://www.opindia.com/2018/02/us-based-columnist-tries-to-flare-communal-violence-again/

The truth about this video is that a woman with her fiancé went out and few goons started harassing them. There is absolutely no religious angle involved in the case. In fact, 3 out of 4 goons who could be seen harassing the couple were Muslims. Their names are Anis, Nadeem, and Suhel.

Case 2:

Werleman tweeted this on 28th March 2018:

Here is the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/979033223752646657?s=19

According to CJ Werleman, the video “shows Hindutva fanatics destroying 25 Muslim owned business and property”.


The truth is completely different! On 2nd April 2018, a fact-checking website, SM Hoax Slayer, exposed the falsehood peddled by CJ Werleman. Read it here: http://smhoaxslayer.com/a-verified-twitter-handle-cj-werleman-spread-lies-for-communal-hatred/

The Truth of this case is that the video posted by CJ Werleman is not connected in any way with “Hindutva fanatics destroying Muslim owned business and property”. The video is of a violence happened in Koregaon, which has absolutely nothing to with ‘Muslims’, as falsely alleged by CJ Werleman.


On 23rd Feb 2018, CJ Werleman tweeted this:

Link to the tweet is here: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/966793305097842688?s=19

CJ Werleman alleges that a Muslim man was beaten to death by “Hindu extremist group” after a false accusation of kidnapping.

The Truth:

As always, CJ Werleman twisted the story. Yes! In an unfortunate incident, a Muslim man, named Faisal, was beaten to death after a false accusation of kidnapping. But, he was not beaten to death by any “Hindu extremist mob”. You can watch the entire news video he posted, the mob which beaten him to death was not “Hindu extremist mob” but barely local people who thought that Faisal has kidnapped kids. To conclude, there is absolutely NO religious angle involved in this case.

Case 4:

CJ Werleman, on 23rd March 2018 tweeted this:

Here is the link to this tweet: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/976926324957720577?s=19

Hence, CJ Werleman professes that on 18th March [2018], Hindu/RSS thug terrorized Muslim community in Rajasthan and police despite being present on the spot, did nothing.

The Truth:

As for now, it is very evident that CJ Werleman has mastered the art of “twisting stories”.

In this case, the video which he has posted is a scene from violence which erupted when MUSLIMS pelted stones on HINDUS who were celebrating “Hindu New Year”. Read the report here: https://swarajyamag.com/insta/stones-pelted-from-mosque-on-hindu-rally-in-rajasthans-tonk-several-including-cops-injured

You can watch the full video here: https://www.indiatvnews.com/video/news/communal-tension-grips-rajasthan-s-tonk-eight-people-injured-in-stone-pelting-433319

So it was Muslims who pelted stones on Hindus which broke out the communal clash, but CJ Werleman, instead of accusing Muslims, somehow concluded that it is Hindus who are to be accused.


On 27th April 2018, CJ Werleman tweeting following:

Here is the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/989890476890181632?s=19

Please keep in mind, CJ Werleman said that Christians are forcibly ‘converted’ to Hinduism.

The Truth:

All the readers can watch the video posted by Werleman, it nowhere says that Christians are forcibly converted to Hinduism.

The particular video reports an incident where Pastors who were distributing religious pamphlets were brought to a temple and ashes (which is considered Holy in Hindu tradition) was applied to their faces.

Yes! What happened was wrong. Because if pastors were distributing certain pamphlets which hurt religious sentiments of others, then people should have reported it to Police instead of doing what they did. But what happened with those pastors could be called ‘manhandling’ and not ‘conversion’. There are many news channels which reported this incident and none of them says that pastors were converted to Hinduism.


CJ Werleman tweeted this on 3rd May 2018:

Link to the tweet is here: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/992072410529583104?s=19

Essentially, Mr. Werleman was making his point that we see Hindus killing Muslims over cow-killing charges whereas India earns a huge profit by the export of beef.

The Truth:

It evidently appears that Mr. Werleman, de facto never bother to check the facts but love to draw parallels!

Firstly, India doesn’t export cow beef. Under India’s “Export Policy 2012” beef of cows, oxen and calf are prohibited to be exported.

In fact, you can go to government’s website and check all the animal products which are exported by Government of India. It doesn’t include cow beef. Here is the link: http://agriexchange.apeda.gov.in/indexp/MainheadPrdGrp_prdwise.aspx?gcode=%270401%27,%270402%27,%270403%27,%270404%27,%270405%27,%270406%27,%270407%27,%270408%27

The beef which is exported by India is the beef of buffalo, not of cow.

So Mr. Werleman, India doesn’t export cow meat, so don’t create such a perception that Hindus kill Muslims for cow-killing and at the same time, they export cow meat.

Case 7:

On 27th March 2018, CJ Werleman tweeted:

Here is the link to this tweet: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/978698580125822976?s=19

The Truth:

Mr. Werleman has a detrimental habit of not narrating the full story and building a false perception in others mind.

Yes! There occurred this instance in Samastipur where people belonging to Hindu community raised flags and banners in front of a mosque. But this isn’t the whole story.

Hindu community raised flags and banners in front of a mosque as a way of protest to what Muslims did on March 26, at around 8:00 pm. When Hindus were processing with their sacred tradition of immersing Goddess Durga idols in a river, people from mosque thrown slipper on them. And this atrocious behaviour of Muslim community resulted in communal tension. Full report of this incident could be read here: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/samastipur-communal-violence-bihar-hindu-muslim-ram-navami-clash-nitish-kumar-5129392/

Case 8

On 13th November 2017, CJ Werleman labeled Imam Tawhidi as “fake Imam” by saying “you have no formal Islamic credentials”.

The Truth:

This allegation of CJ Werleman against Imam Tawhidi turned out to be utterly FAKE.

Royal United Services Institute conducted an investigation into the credentials of Imam Tawhidi and found and found them true. A statement made by Royal United Service Institute clearly states “Imam Tawhidi is indeed qualified to represent Islam and the Muslim community”.


CJ Werleman on 3rd March 2018, tweeted:

Here is the link to the Tweet: https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/969687464183910400?s=19

The Truth:

In inertia of peddling fake news, it seems, CJ Werleman has even lost his common sense.

First of all, in Delhi on 1st March, a female student alleged that a semen filled balloon was thrown at her. But when an investigation was conducted, it was found that there was no semen in balloons which were thrown.

In all probability, the female student might have misunderstood something sticky as semen.

But what about people like CJ Werleman? Don’t they carry basic common sense to understand that no normal man can discharge so much of semen which would fill an entire balloon?

But just because CJ Werleman wants to run his Hinduphobic agenda, it seems, he doesn’t even bother to apply common sense.

CASE 10:

CJ Werleman tweeted this:

Link to this tweet is unavailable because CJ Werleman has already deleted this tweet.

The Truth:

Actually, CJ Werleman posted a video where policemen could be seen forcefully entering a house. Posting this video, CJ Werleman first said that Hindu extremist attacked the mosque, but because Muslims remained unprovoked, then Indian police along with Hindu extremists attacked Muslim youth.

As usual, it’s just another whopper by CJ Werleman.

The true incident is that:

An innocent Hindu man, Chandan Gupta was killed by radical Jihadis for carrying out ‘Tiranga Yatra’ in Muslim dominated area. After this, suspects went missing. So the house in which policemen could be seen forcefully entering is the house where suspects were supposedly hidden.

But instead of condemning what Muslim Jihadis did, CJ Werleman created his own story to deceive people.

As a consequence of his false propaganda, Kasganj Police even registered a FIR against CJ Werleman.

Readers, it appears to me that CJ Werleman works in a very fixed pattern. He often shares videos without mentioning their source and he gives an entire FAKE narration to the video to defame India and in particular, Hindu society. And when individuals or organizations bust his agenda, he just deletes those tweets to get away with entire matter. While searching his Twitter account, I got many more videos which I’m sure are not related to the way CJ Werleman narrated them, but because I couldn’t trace their original source, I’m not calling it FAKE. Not just Hindu community, CJ Werleman’s false agenda runs against even Christians and Jews, but in this article, I have only disclosed his agenda against Hindus.

I know, no matter how much we expose people like CJ Werleman, they will keep peddling their false narrative of fighting Islamophobia, but this article is written keeping those honest people in the mind who unknowingly fall into the trap of Hinduphobics like CJ Werleman.

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