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Dilemma of being the Congress President and proving himself as a young and energetic leader

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Rahul Gandhi, a so-called youth leader of young and emerging nation India. A man, who is poised to become the next Prime Ministerial Candidate of India in its next general election 2019 and the current President of Indian National Congress (INC), can’t even express his views on Modi Government in India and Keeps on Searching International Platform for expressing his views.

The 47-year-old Congress leader who became the president of INC in late 2017 in a much-highlighted manner after his mother Sonia Gandhi who was at the helm of INC for past 19 years. Opposed by few supported by many India witnessed a coronation in late 2017.

Indian National Congress which is a decade old party and saw great freedom fighter and social workers at its presidents like Dada Bhai Naroji, Surendra Nath Banerjee, Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Rash Bihari Ghosh,Madan Mohan Malviya, Annie Besant, Lala Lajpat Rai, Motilal Nehru, Abul Kalam Azad, Mohandas Karam Chandra Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Vallabhai Patel, Rajendra Prasad, Subhash Chandra Bose, J.B Kriplani and many more. They all were democratically elected for a year and few of them were elected multiple times and India witnessed 48 INC presidents in a period of 62 years (1885-1947) before Independence.

Things really started to change after independence when only 14 people were at the helm of Congress in 61 years (1947-2018) out of which 6 were of Nehru-Gandhi family heading INC for collectively 38 years out of 60-61 years. One should wonder what happened to the INC which saw several dynamic leaders during independence and got reduced to Nehru-Gandhi Family after independence. Was there a lack of leadership qualities or did INC Lack a good Leader for all these years?

Rahul Gandhi never bothered about the democracy of his own Party but seems to have a great fear of Democracy in India under BJP rule. There’s a famous saying “Charity Begins at Home.” What happened to the fear of democracy when Rahul Gandhi thrashed the ordinance in 2013 which was promulgated by then Manmohan Singh Government, is one man above government?

Mr Gandhi who keeps slamming Mr Modi for his foreign trip is often seen taking holidays in foreign countries before and after each election in India. Whenever Mr Gandhi takes long foreign trips no one seems to bother, one side there is always social media outrage and mainstream media could care less. Whenever Mr Gandhi chooses to criticize Modi Government he does it on foreign soil and Mainstream media loses all it’s cool social media erupts on fire on every goof he mixes up. Doesn’t he realize that those people are not going to come back and vote during elections?

In September 2017 when Mr Gandhi was visiting the United States for 2 weeks he chose to speak about Indian Government at Berkeley’s, Princeton and New-York events. At Berkeley’s, he spoke about Congress mistakes but then embarrassed India in front of the world by saying that India runs due to dynasty. He even went ahead to give examples of politician, Businessmen, Bollywood Stars just to justify his dynasty comment. He went ahead criticizing Modi Government on lack of jobs, healthcare, education and agriculture in his later visit to Princeton and New-York. He even raised the issue of so-called rising intolerance in India at the time when the United States was going through the same phase after Donald Trump became President of United States.

In his recent trip to Singapore, he spoke on various issues and again attacked Modi Government ‘s Foreign and Internal policies and even went to the extent of accusing BJP of divisive politics. The man who took the support Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mewani just to woo the patidars and Dalits in Gujarat during election is now talking about divisive politics on international stage. Mr Gandhi, when asked about SC crises, accuses BJP of institutional crisis. Did he forgot that when INC was making a large hue and cry for SC crises it was Modi government who said It’s an internal matter of Judiciary and judiciary was itself capable of solving the crisis” and refused to meddle in Judiciary.

Things got heated up when An author of Asia Reborn Prasenjit K Basu threatened leagal action on INC for their social media post “Political discourse hits a new lows everyday, Rahul Gandhi shows how to gracefully handle detractors and call their bluff” which Mr Basu claims to be fake and edited. He even shared a full video of the event where Mr Gandhi was seen dodging questions and clamed that INC is posting fake video to falsely advertise Rahul Gandhi’s image. As usual Twitter went ablaze and Mainstream media went on fire and this was again the prime time news and Debate started going on with multiple panelists where they don’t even know what they are speaking.

So the real question is to ask that is Mr Gandhi aware of the mistakes he is making or just the people around him making fool of Indians in front of the world. Every time Mr Gandhi speaks at international event he ends up embarrassing himself due to silly mistakes or when sometime he dodges the bullet there are people in his party and few media sympathizer who ends up embarrassing him like what happened in the video and what followed after that. A journalist Sagrika Ghose slammed Mr Basu and went to an extent to giving credit of Mr Basu’s sucess to great grandfather of Mr Gandhi. Apparently according to her if it was not for Mr Gandhi’s Great grandfather India would be a land of Nomads.

If Rahul Gandhi really wants to woo Indians he needs to get to the root cause of Indian issues and interacts with the people of India here in India. Foreign trips and NRI’s are not going to cut it for Mr Gandhi. If Mr Gandhi can’t realize his own mistakes he has no right to embarrasses India on a global state. Did you ever saw any Foreign opposition leader coming to India or visiting any another country and making a big hue and cry of their own internal Politics? It’s high time now and Mr Gandhi should stop crying out loud in the world and introspect within himself and if cannot do that he must step aside and let other take the reign.

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