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Liberal contradictions

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Some strange contradictions are observed in the belief systems of human species called ‘Left Liberals’. Let’s have a look.

Species found globally:

Liberal me: All I ask from family and society is a very basic expectation of personal freedom of choice.


Also me: Government knows what is best for the society and it should have proper rules and regulations to control it.

Liberal me: I am independent and I can take care of myself.

Also me: Of course, it is my fundamental right to depend on Government to provide “free” education, healthcare and social security.


Liberal me: Today’s Germans should not be blamed for Hitler’s crimes (everyone agrees!)

Also me: America and specifically white Americans are still responsible for slavery! (Everyone is confused!)

Liberal me: Feminism is freedom for women to choose what they want to wear, work in whatever field they want and be who they want to be.


Also me: Hijab IS the new symbol of freedom and choice, duhhh keep up!

Species found in India:

Liberal me: Name calling is bad and frankly so unsophisticated!

Also me: Modi is such a bigot, fascist, Hindu nationalist and hardcore fundamentalist; I can’t even imagine how India will survive in his saffron terror reign.

Liberal me: There is a wide and clear distinction between Patriotism and Nationalism and I am a Patriot.

Also me: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islamism, Christianity and Judaism all are same and I am an atheist.

Liberal me: There is no room for narrow thinking like ‘we are Indians’ in this age, we are global citizens.

Also me: Modi is such a Dehati, what is the need of Sanskrit quotes like ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ n all in his UN speech, so embarrassing!

Liberal me: How dare Ram abandon Sita while she was pregnant with his kids under the name of a king’s duty? How can anyone pray to such misogynist, male chauvinist, so called God?

Also me: Ram was just fulfilling his duty as a husband to get Sita back, so what if he had to walk miles and build a bridge across ocean to reach Lanka, fight and kill Ravana with an army of tribal? And of course he should not have married another woman after he abandoned Sita even though his king’s duty asked him to, it’s the only justice to Sita, there’s no love there, period!

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Do judgements contribute to pendency pandemic?

Just as the Covid-19 virus is not going anywhere until a Vaccine is discovered, this pendency Pandemic too is not going anywhere until a vaccine is found by superior Judiciary, to administer to itself, quite heavy doses of the same.

राम मंदिर बनाएंगे और डेट भी बताएंगे

जो कल तक कहा करते थे,राम मंदिर बनाएंगे लेकिन डेट नहीं बताएंगे उनके लिए आज काफी बुरी खबर है क्योंकि राम भक्तों के द्वारा भव्य राम मंदिर का निर्माण शुरू कर दिया गया है।

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अब मजदूरों के लिए हर सांसदों, विधायकों और जनप्रतिनिधियों से आशा की जानी चाहिए कि वे अपने विधान सभा क्षेत्र के लिए गाड़ियों का बंदोबस्त कर दे।

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