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Satire: Judges Press Conference

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COURT REPORTER OF SUPREME COURT OF MAHISMATI: This is my updated report after the Supreme court of Mahismati had ordered the ban on sale of fire crackers in the capital region. Recently the 4 Premium Judges from the supreme court of Mahismati assembled in a Tea Garden and invited some of close friends for a heart to heart talks. Some of these friends have been acting as some kind of journalists and claim to be “Know it all” types in Mahismati politics.

The 4 judges talks underlined the issue of justice delivery system in the court and informed to all for the first time that justice is not delivered basis the witness testimonies or evidences rather it is purely basis the seniority of the judges. This universal acknowledged fact (so far hidden from public in the interest of national unity) was let out by the judges in the open for public consumption for the first time. People have appreciated the frankness of the judges and every litigant/defendant is wondering what would have happened if his/her case had gone to another judge who was slightly senior to the judge who actually pronounced the decision against him/her.

There are rumors in the corridors of justice that in future, the Mahismati court judgement will be pronounced as below-

In the light of the testimonies of witnesses, basis the evidences presented in this court and to top it all, basis my seniority in the court, I find the defendant guilty as charged. The guilty can appeal via press conference to media which will act as higher judiciary (higher than Supreme Court of Mahismati) and bring 50 eminent journalists at 0200 hour for the appeal. His appeal will be considered basis the political alignment of the defendant and if the crime is perceived committed by the masses but not by eminent journalists, his appeal will be accepted.

The appellant can also alternatively request a more senior judge to reverse the judgement as seniority is the overall and most meritorious factor in the decision making in the Supreme Court of Mahismati. If the defendant still has any doubts about the judgement, he can also approach the judge’s elder brother or father to cross check the validity of the judgement as they are more senior to the judge and will decide better. Contrary to gender justice, the judge’s mother or elder sisters cannot be approached for re-validation of the decision as Supreme Court of Mahismati has seldom considered the ladies to be equal or more meritorious than the gentleman (so far as the records suggest).

Finally the democracy and judiciary is saved in the kingdom and most lawyers and public have expressed their satisfaction over the public display of affections among the judges

If you find any problem in this article, all I can say is SEE YOU IN COURT OF THE SENIOR MOST JUDGE.

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