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Yo Rahul so Hindu

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Lately there has been so much noise over Rahul being a Hindu. Let me do my bit to clear some air over it as any doubts over his Hindu credentials can  be rubbished by anyone who has got access to the inner circle of Lutyens Delhi.

Many sources swear on their life for Rahul’s credential of a devout Hindu. They confirm that he indeed was born with a Janeau as birthmark across his torso, which was a phenomenon only witnessed by the Namboodri Brahmans in the Satyuga. It was this which established his superiority over other ordinary Hindus. This has also given a ray of hope to many that maybe he is indeed the next incarnation of Shree Hari – Kalki. The acharya of Kalki Dham, would certainly vouch for him as he has indeed tried to contest election on INC ticket, only to prove his metal so he can be the Arjuna of this Kalki who would steer his chariot onto success.

Though all the members of INC agree on his divinity, there is a bit of confusion over his incarnation. Some tell stories of how he being a devout believer of Goddess Saraswati, feels a direct connect with her. Just like Goddess Kali is believed to have served food to Swami Ram Krishna Param-Hansa, goddess Saraswati personally gives Astro physics lessons to him. This is something which would even make students of  H.C Verma burn with jealousy. It is believed that it is only because of these personal lessons by the Goddess herself, Rahul was able to decipher the complex equation for escape velocity of Jupiter.

There are also rumours of him being an expert in Tantra and master of all directions just like Ravana, which enable him to teleport and travel seamlessly via many dimensions and portals of the realms of which we cannot even imagine. It is due to this super natural power, he would probably the only mortal who has shown the ability of ‘One morning, waking up at night’. People who do have zilch knowledge of how complex travelling between different Lokas be, mock him. But the divinity in him has to grace to forgive the ignorant, who are unknown to his supreme powers.

Some insiders also talk about his Sadhna towards Goddess Laxmi, who in return is believed to have givem him the responsibility of removing poverty from this Shristi. It is believed that the goddess has him the mighty Midas touch which can even turn a potato into gold.

But again, these are all stories one has heard. People who know him can tell you that he is such a staunch Hindu, that he wouldn’t even watch his favourite Chota Bheem unless he has done his evening payers which is mandatory for him as he is Janeu dhari Brahaman.


When asked about why is not marrying, the answer was nothing short of a surprise. They claim that Rahul has been heavily influenced by the life of Adi Shankara and would take on NaMo for a debate (Shastrath) before he establishes his writ, and when that debate finally happens he does not want to be Mandana Misra but Shankara.

Well I was convinced about his credential as Hindu. His faith is the worst kept secret in the inner corridors of Delhi, however they are very careful of exposing him to a wider audience as it will be like showing the bright sun to naked human eye. The words were – ‘Unka tej Surya ke saman prabal hai. Sadharan manav kee dhristi ke liye nahee hai’

Well the shroud of mystery certainly makes him nothing short of a mystic.


While every one is convinced of him being a Hindu and surrenders to his divinity, it is the mother who still says to his son “Behold, I am sending you as lambs among wolves; be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.”

Maa to akhir Maa hoti hai na!

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