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Rahul Gandhi's Political Career

10 Reasons why Rahul Gandhi is Mr. Double-faced of Indian politics

Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah referred to Rahul Gandhi as the leader who has been launched umpteen number of times but each launch event has been a case of unmitigated disaster for the Congress party.

From Satayagraha Gandhi’s non-violent protests to Satyayuga: Time to thank Mahatma Gandhi and create the new leaders of tomorrow

A political family is misusing his "Satyagraha". Orchestrated riots, media amplification! Time for virtual protests. A guide for tomorrow's leaders.

Rahul’s reluctance to govern

Without mincing any words, one has to admit that Congress under de-facto leadership of Rahul Gandhi has somehow not been able to provide credible and meaningful opposition in the last 7 years of Modi’s Government.

Why Rahul Gandhi is not capable to lead India

UPA, under Rahul’s leadership, had become synonymous to a party whose only agenda is to appease a selective section of the society. Without stating obvious facts and digestible reasons, Rahul Gandhi and his party irrationally opposed all the decisions made by the current government.

Allegations against Chief Justice of India, victim of own making and political treachery of ‘lobby’

Most of the institutions under the government of the dynast in the past had made several institutions to dance to its tune and that is how the famous phrase the CBI has earned called it is a ‘caged parrot’.

Why do rivals indict Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi turned out to be a little more selective both left and right for securing the just what the party’s political doctors suggested him to follow during this fresh time of parliamentary polls.

Gandhi exit strategy- A speculative analysis

Shehzad Poonawalla: A face saving exit for Gandhis

Yo Rahul so Hindu

Rahul's credential of being Brahmin is god-gifted. Find out how.

गुजरात चुनाव परीक्षा आखिर किसकी

राहुल गाँधी राज्य में जिस प्रकार जाति आधारित राजनीति करने में लगे हैं उससे यह कहना गलत नहीं होगा कि असली परीक्षा मोदी की नहीं गुजरात के लोगों की है।

Battle of Gujarat: Make or break for heavyweights

BJP's win will demolish the aspirations of many including Rahul Gandhi.

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