Friday, May 24, 2024
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Mayank Kumar

Independent Columnist and researcher in Delhi University.

Judicial and political discourse in India and the facts

Can we progress with current judiciary and political scenario of the country?

Battle of Gujarat: Make or break for heavyweights

BJP's win will demolish the aspirations of many including Rahul Gandhi.

Dissent or attempt of succession?

Form the day Narendra Modi has been elected, Left pseudo-intelligentsia is feeling threatened that their unquestionable control over the whole education system primarily in Central Universities would get affected.

Countdown for 2019 begins

The game for 2019 has begun with the opposition getting united. They have the capacity to spoil BJP's plans as they did in Bihar and now eager to defeat BJP in UP election.


An analysis of Pakistan Deep state

Knowing ABVP, its mission and contribution

It is important to know why and how ABVP came into existence and what is its mission

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